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2 months ago

Worst Shopping Experience of 2020

I ordered two cases from Abuvo. After nearly 2 months the arrived, but were for the wrong phone model. I contacted Abuvo and dealt with Niki. She was rude insisted the error was mine, and refused to issue a refund or resend the correct product. I had detected a glitch in my cart before checking out and had to empty and rebuilt my cart to get the right model to show. This is why I am 100% positive that I ordered the right product. Explaining this got me nowhere.

After exchanging far too many emails completely incompetent Niki agreed to send the right cases if I paid another 10 Euro. I reluctantly agreed. A month later I received the wrong case again. I immediately messaged Niki and asked for a refund. No response. I followed up 4 days later and was told they were trying to figure out what happened and demanded photos. I provided the photos and again heard nothing for days until a refund receipt appeared in my email.

I am still out my international transaction fees and this has been a tremendous waste of time. No sincere apology. No respect! The only concern that has been expressed by Abuvo is for their own internal process. Truly an arrogant company.

Mistakes are inevitable as humans are fallible. Companies prove who they are when they respond to a mistake. Abuvo is a truly dreadful company. If I were Niki's boss I'd never let her respond to a customer email again.


6 months ago

Ordered a case that was great quality and arrived in half the advertised shipping time. Will buy with them again.


3 years ago

I purchased an iphone x case from this company following a tweeter ad. It appears to be a great case. However the case was a little heavy and nothing special for the high price I paid . I contacted the company to apply my 14 days return option and they responded to return to an address in Greece with tracked option. The cost from UK is over GBP 10.00 for signed or tracked small package to Greece. This is almost half the cost of the case.

So my advise is do not buy from adds on Tweeter and Instagram and dont buy from companies that don't have local return address.

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