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1 year ago

This site is a complete joke, from beginning to end. First, it most probably is a spoof of the (defunct?) website 'academia-research'. It is registered in Cyprus and Ukraine, so be careful with the personal info you submit (better to create an email account just for registering, also use passports/IDs close to their useful life!). The site is completely and utterly disorganized:
-"Verification" can take months. Yes. Literally 3 or 4 months, and only after many mails to various contacts.
-You cannot 'chat' with the writer/customer service unless you are NOT logged in! (first in the world occurrence of this feature).
-You cannot ask info or see details about orders, unless you take them on!
-Orders are mostly (in 90% of cases) not described adequately.
-Chatting to customers is not forwarded properly
-Recompense is a joke. I was never paid, although this may be because I only managed to get a small order. However, I have seen orders like: "Solve these 4 partial differential equations" (in 1 page!), and "Write a summary of my vacation for school" (in 1 page), getting paid the same.
-Getting orders/Bidding rules are not to be found anywhere. -Reasons for bid rejection are never explained. Fine/Bonus rules are nowhere to be found.
I could go on and on describing the parlous state of this business, if it is indeed a business and not a scam, to create fake IDs and/or scam writers out of their work money. In a two-word conclusion: Stay away!
If you are a writer, upwork, fiverr etc get a far smaller percentage of your money as fees, and allow direct negotiations with customers. As a result (if you are a customer), the price you will pay will also be far smaller.

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