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1 month ago

this site is awful. awful search function, awful user experience. always pushing you to upgrade when it's profiting from thousands of academics uploading their work for free. but without upgrading the site isn't usable.


2 months ago

Scam takes your money and pretends you have been cited. Deleted my account and still taking my money


2 months ago

Weird site… I can't even delete my account


2 months ago

Until know I have been trusting this site, but now I am not at all happy. The reason is that I have been billed with 117.81 USD on the 7th of December without any announcement or any request. Thus, if you know a customer service or any other service to which I can officially complain for this I would greatly appreciate this!


2 months ago

I made the mistake of responding to one of their spam emails and have been inundated since with several email every day.
I have tried unsubscribing and deleting my account but they still keep coming!
Most of what they want is to sell a service their "premium" membership.
I wish I could make them stop!!! I have reverted to setting up email rules to intercept their messages and delete them.


2 months ago

Waste of time.


3 months ago

first the very bad news … a simply click gives access to all of your google contacts!! BEWARE giving your contacts away as it can be used maliciously.

second… endless 'recommendations' that in effect become spam by sheer numbers.

Occasionally i do come across an interesting paper, but i have to wade through so much else to find it.


3 months ago

This site is cheating people to download pdf


4 months ago

"L*** B******* you have 50 mentions"

Spammed hundreds of times, before I even had a paper around to cite. How did they find me?


4 months ago

Am glad I checked the reviews first. I was uneasy about them but the one and zero star has proved me right. I will not subscribe.


4 months ago

making poor people give loyalty to unknown Authorities,
and ALWAYS COUNT on them! is a scam,
trying to violate GDPR,
getting an advantage from articles
of people without Legal Copyright Agreements!
They also try to find great minds and use them
for Orders, FREEMASONS, Sects, and illegal activities!
Don't open their E-mails,
as they use E-mail TRACKING,
to track your E-mails!
They are followed by very known women lawyers in Cyprus,
who uses their Knowledge and Position,

I am friends with all the people and respect their good-willing!
If they want to help others,
and the others agree,
this is ok!
But, I don't want any Fund or Scholarship
from them,
as they always want in return,
Always friends with ALL,
but refusing their hidden help!
It's a matter of TRANSPARENCY and JUSTICE!
Any kind of discussion
must be face to face,
in order to see,
whom I am discussing with,

Good afternoon from Cyprus!
Sincerely Yours!

A few hours ago,
I tried to be polite,
but is a matter of laundry and
given amounts,
are a kind of cleaning them!
Then, everyone who gets help,
must give back in return,
like Cyprus Golden matters,
from Al-Jazeera!
Every new taker,
will be an employee to help the future
Global Governance ORDER!
They think that a global authority will keep the peace,
but this is something TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE!
Don't believe such dull inappropriate FAKE THINKING!
Some people gave their souls to take power,
but they are quite MISERABLE!
Don't listen to their FAKE PROMISES!


4 months ago

Trick weebsite you wont get a paper


5 months ago

Ignore the 1 star score above. I want to give Academia zero star. I tried their Premium subscription once at 49 dollars in 2018 which I thought was fine but I unsubscribed shortly since I found few benifits of having it. Initially, I thought that the subcription only applied that year and will return to be a standard or free subscription which it did. A year later however, Academia took 99 dollars from my bank account and the same subscription was again activated despite the fact that I have unsubcribed. After a closer look I realized that one have to also deactivated the automatic renewal of the subscription and thus automatic payment which I was not aware and not informed of. I thought what a scam but since I was at fault for not knowing I let it go. However, a few days ago, the same thing happened again but even worse because this time it was 123 dollars. This despite the fact that I followed there advice from their website on how to avoid the same problem i.e. unsubscribed, deactivated automatic settings for subscription and payment and even emailed them about the issue but to no avail. I will demand my money back and permanently delete my account from their website to avoid the same mistake. Never again! 100% do not recommend!


6 months ago

Seven years ago I read an article with a large scale survey showing that people with tattoos have less stable personalities, and are more prone to drug addiction and crime than people who would never consider getting one.

For seven years, have now been spamming my inbox at least thrice weekly with new articles about tattoos. I have checked my alert settings, and ensured that I should NOT have notifications based on something I've previously read.

I've also written them and complained more than twenty times.

This review, giving them a well deserved bottom rating is caused by one of the three-times-a-week emails with a new article about tattoos landing in my inbox against my expressed wishes. does not work, they plain out ignore user settings, and they also plain out ignore complaints.

I have kept my account so far because one in twenty emails is relevant, but the 99.5 percentage of spam has me ever more seriously considering simply deleting my account.

Post edit: I just did! Having read the other reviews I saw the light and deleted my account! What a relief. Any further emails from them will simply be reported as what they truly are:

It is true as observed by other users that they will:
1) Spam you endlessly with "updates" on anything you've ever made the mistake of looking at, and
2) email you with fake news about new papers mentioning your name although this has *not* taken place.

The precious few people falsely postulating that they are not a scam site are part of the scam!

In the category "social software", nothing else I've encountered stinks quite as bad as


6 months ago

They wrote me numerous email saying my company was mentioned in some more than 1500 academic papers. Intrigued, I subscribed to a monthly account but I discovered this was all untrue. No papers mentioned my company, I just lost 14 eur.
Beware. Don't get caught in such a trap.

UPDATE – after 6 months. Though they replied to my request and gave me back subscription money, I still believe their marketing strategy is too aggressive and based on false claims.


6 months ago

Once they have your email, they bombard your inbox with bait for what you thought you would get in the first place, and then links that promise to deliver it only after you provide them with a credit card. SCAM RED FLAGS all over the place. Turned out to be a complete waste of my time.


6 months ago

We made a payment for academia premium only to discover that the receipt was never emailed to us and we did not get the upgrade. When we contacted the customer service they couldn't be bothered. We came to know there were multiple other fraudulent accounts created by non-academic people who were using our published papers and books. Information was sold to third parties for money. We were not even refunded our amount and they refused to contact. The entire fraud website needs to shut down.


6 months ago

They are advertising as free pdf download site but only give 4 pages. Such a waste of time.Stay away


7 months ago

fake site. redirects


7 months ago

It isn't a scam site. It is just a repository of preprints and other academic reports that charges for a premium account. I never paid anything for using Academia. It is a good repository to make you known among students and people around the world in need for academic reports and your manuscripts before they got published maybe by journals charging thousands of dollars.


7 months ago

this is very useful website. There are lots to study from this website.
when i try to use this website in starting, its requested to upgrade as premium and i used my credit card to upgrade. And, they charged $99 form my account for a year. But, i only applied to charge for a month. Finally i hoped ,this website is scam and i cheated by them. but they not like that.they are very honest.
After these problem, i complaint my problem to the academia service center and requested to refund. As they said in the website, without any question, they refund my payment within 7 days and their team member conducted me through email and helped me. Thank you academia. anyone can hope this website.


7 months ago

Scam! Avoid…


7 months ago

scam. I tried to download a pdf and they took me to a different site that asked for my credit card info. Supposedly free subscription for a month and then automatic pay, without even telling me what the membership price was. Something very sketchy with this website.


7 months ago

Obviously a scam!
I was hoping receiving Nancy Drew pdf all book 1-64. That website make us believe they have it for free but when I downloaded such file, it lead to other website. They might have a bundled download when paying monthly but I suspected that same Nancy drew file will be same as free one. Obviously this is false advertisement. Acct deleted!


8 months ago

Borderline scam site, lots of spam sent by email and difficult to unsubscribe from.

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