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6 months ago

I learned the hard way that you should read reviews before paying on any site. This site is not just shady – it's fraudulent! I have already met my love on
and we've been living together for 6 months now that I get a call from AS debt collection agents. I was 100% sure that I cancelled my premium membership long time ago. But now I suspect that they make it impossible to cancel it. I am not going to pay these swindlers anything, what a blatant rip-off!


1 year ago

Worst company ever. First I signed up for the premium membership and agreed to pay the 1st 6 months premium, afterwards I found out that most of the people there were bots. Ok, never mind. 2 years later now, I received a call from their debt collection agency claiming that I owe them $3000. What a scam and fraud.


1 year ago

Just wondering who else in Australia is having difficulty with Academic Singles and their premium membership cancellation.

I have had their T&C's reviewed and there are several aspects that are illegal in Australia. They make it virtually impossible to cancel memberships do not send notofications of pending charges etc etc.

I want to put together a class action to recoup all my subscription fees and whoever else they have ripped off. There are hundreds of negative reviews of this group from around the globe but I am interested in hearing from Australians so we can start putting something together stop them ripping off more Australians..

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