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7 years ago

June 2013: 12 year old Smeg dishwasher & Smeg oven needed repair. 2 repair men turned up not having brought with them over shoes, so I provided them with some I happened to have. Not a good start. Dishwasher – "can't help you there mate, it's too old, spare parts no longer available". Smeg Oven – needed to order spare part: materials + labour 拢590 + VAT.

From phone conversations and emails they knew the models of the appliances in question, and any half competent repair company (which specializes in Smeg) would have known that repairs were a long shot. They should have told me this. In fact, as they were leaving one of them said "piece of advice mate: appliances that old, not worth calling us in". Well, thanks for letting me know at this point after taking 拢102 off me and achieving nothing.

Not recommended, and also puts Smeg appliances into a very bad light as these guys seem to be the main company Smeg uses in London.


8 years ago

Paid them upfront for a SMEG repair – 3 weeks later despite calling/emailing many times, I am still waiting for the repair.

Very very unhelpful – perhaps especially when you have to pay upfront. Why SMEG uses these guys, I have no idea – basically they dont give a damn. Use at your own risk.


8 years ago

I rang SMEG to check if they could fit a new element to my cooker. They gave me the name of Academy Engineering in London, who I rang. When enquiring how much a repair was likely to cost the Academy "Engineer" replied "what do you mean by cost?". With questions like, that no wonder Academy get bad ratings on this website. They are a joke.


9 years ago

My Dishwasher broke before Christmas 2012 and then went to SMEG's website to see if they could help me locate a local company who could do the repairs. There is a handy postcode engineer locator. I popped in my postcode and hey presto got four companies returned that are relatively local to me. I called what seemed to be the most established and professional companies "Academy Engineering" …from the first initial call it took 2 weeks to get an engineer to look at the machine then 4 weeks to get the part and an engineer back to install it….. The part was installed (pump – yes that old chestnut….) but the machine stopped working 2 days after the instillation – but hey no worries the work is under guarantee right……then called Academy Engineering to rebook the engineer and was told they needed to get another pump from SMEG …. they said they would call back ….. they didn't. Called them after waiting 4 weeks and they said that it was hard to get the pumps from SMEG…. he apologised (same each time….) and said he'd phone later in the week – he hasn't.

I'm extremely annoyed that SMEG don't run a quality check on who they are recommending to do repairs for their machines….

Academy Engineering – sort out the guy who is booking in your jobs!!

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