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6 months ago

I was hesitant about making such a large and expensive purchase online. After months of research, reading reviews, the price, and ultimately speaking with Accessories4less reps, I felt confident in making the investment. Communication via email was consistent from purchase to post-delivery鈥?Impressive! Once the speakers arrived I called to thank them, and received 'additional personalized advice' on how to best set the speakers up for optimal performance, listening enjoyment, and that my warranty was already 'in-place' by them, to the manufacturer. This is Very Rare Customer Service, but Very Much Appreciated! -DW


1 year ago

I have bought several receivers and speaker sets through them over the years. All have been manufacturer refurbs and all have performed flawlessly. Highly recommended.


1 year ago

I purchased a high end refurbished Marantz receiver in 2017, kept shutting down. I eventually ended up with a Denon 4300. I recently purchased a lower end refurbished Denon receiver and it continuously reboots. I just wonder about the refurb process, now I have to send this one back.


1 year ago

I've purchased several items from accessories4less and have been thrilled but have never needed to engage them for anything. Ordered a speaker at 10am and attempted to cancel order within a couple of hours. Was told item already shipped and they couldn't cancel it. employee was rude, arrogant, and condescending. Showed a complete lack of appreciation for the business. Requested to speak with a member of management….turns out the arrogant condescending a$$hole, Mark, is the owner. Take your business to Safe and Sound where it is valued!


2 years ago

I bought a refurbished marantz receiver from acessoriesforless
and the receiver sounded really great with my svs tower speakers until it went out. its been over a week, but they finally got it together and approved my return, thats why Im updating my review. Its all good


3 years ago

This company is definitely the best in what they do… You can rely on them and trust me, you won't regret it.. I have been buying most of their products.. Its reliable, durable and cheaper..God for it.. Its a good product

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