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9 years ago

SaveMore owns this company – Accessories Direct is managed by OMV Holdings, a sister company to, which is also owned by **, the CEO & founder of Credit Solutions of America and

Credit Solutions is facing multiple lawsuits in several states for fraud and has been banned from operating in more than one state. owes more than $7 MILLION in back taxes.

They order their products directly from China, but the quality is very poor. Although they advertise their product is sterling silver, most of the jewelry is packaged as "Fashion Jewelry" and changes color quickly. Quality is not as advertised, but you are unable to contact either company for a refund or explanation.

Order at your own risk. They have a history of scamming their consumers, so I would be careful with your credit card information and email address (since you can't unsubscribe)

**[personal information redacted by admin]

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