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Website: Third Floor 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH United Kingdom
(954) 541-8590

4 years ago

After naively placing an order on, i received numerous follow up emails requesting that i contact them through a Los Angeles based telephone number in regards to my payment information. The message explained it would need a "payment verification" before proceeding with the order. (i had made my purchase using a prepaid visa gift card just in case.) After arousing my suspision i did some more research into the website to personally validate the authenticity of the website. What i found is follows:

The number (*******360) i was asked to call to verify payment information was based out of Los Angeles. I tested it, and it does go through, but only to an automated message that then puts you on hold while waiting for a "operator" to assist you. I gave up after 10 minutes.

According to the website, it says the main office is based at 3010 OCEAN PARKWAY BROOKLYN NY 11235. After a street view search on google i found the building with the given address is not an office, but a housing complex with the name Trump Village.

The phone number given for the address in Brooklyn is *******900, which after research, yields a location in Santa Barbra, CA. Not Brooklyn NY.

The tab on the website that gives a link to their "stores" in the US, presents a map of 5 locations in the Boca Raton- Miami area. Upon further research, these locations are all of Home Depot stores.

The "follow us on facebook" link brings you to a facebook page for "CameraLK store – Buy / Rent Cameras." The address provided on the Facebook page is 263, Highlevel Road, Colombo 06
Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The website provided on the facebook page links to which is a verified private internet connection. There is no indication that this website is in anyway involved with

Another customer service number listed in fine print in the terms and conditions is *******559, a Manhattan area code. Attempted to dial this number but "the call could not go through"- spoken to me by an automated operator.

Also discovered a few other odd things, but i think at this point you get the idea, 100% sketchy. Do not give them any financial information.


5 years ago

I'm shocked at how my own experience with this company is identical to Paul Teixeira's…almost to the letter!!

I got a Nikon camera for Christmas 2014 and began a search online in January 2015 for a different battery charger. (I don't like plugging the whole camera in when I have to charge the battery…I worry it will get knocked over.) I found the exact charger I was looking for–the one recommended in the booklet that came with the camera–at Accessory Packages and placed my order. A day or two later, I got a call from "Allen" (his number was 954-541-8590 ext. 518…I kept his contact information!) and he said he needed to speak with me about my order. I called him back and he said the item I wanted would not be in stock for two weeks. (On the website it said the charger was in stock.) The price was so good, I said I'd wait. He tried to sell me an alternate item that was $5 more, took less time to charge, held a charge longer AND I could use it in my car to charge the battery! I asked for the sku number of the alternate charger (I wanted to see what he was trying to sell me) and he wouldn't tell me. He told me he was going to cancel my order and I said "No! No! No! Don't cancel my order! I'll wait!" I guess I asked too many questions, because he hung up on me. He hung up on me! Is that any way to run a business??! I waited two months for the charger then finally went online to cancel the order.

I'm just glad to see there are other people here that didn't fall for "Allen"s" bait and switch tactics. Maybe they can do that in other countries and get away with it, but it's illegal to do it in the United States.


5 years ago

I ordered a camera on may5th and never received anything about it being shipped or anything. It's may 18th today. I emailed them multiple times to ask what the hold up was, no response. I called them today and they said the item never came in and they're waiting for the item to be in stock. If I knew it was out of stock I would have never waited. At least let me know but nope, I received no notice. I canceled my order!


5 years ago

Like others have said, this company uses bait and switch tactics.

I order an original Canon battery charger on 03/10, then on 03/11 I got an email saying I should call them to expedite processing. I call and get routed to a guy. Tells me the item I ordered is on back order (even though website says available) then asks me why I order the item when there is a better rapid AC/DC charger which can be used in car as well. Goes on to tell me that it's $5 more than what I ordered and when I say ok let me look at the item on their page, tells me it's not available on the website and the price they are offering is a special discount due to the original charger not being available. When I ask what is the rated current output, he tells me this is a charger not a battery and doesn't apply. Then tells me that because I seem hesitant that they are just making 50c profit on the item and I can cancel if I want. I don't get much more in and the guy rudely hangs up.

Their use of shopperapproved ratings company is also gamed as the survey is done even before you get the order confirmation email (most reviews state that the review is premature). I smartly copied the URL and so was able to provide a honest review after the incident to warn off others.


5 years ago

Charger was inexpensive, I received emails with updated order information and with the help of customer service, was able to make an exchange with no issues. Thank you.


6 years ago

I ordered a brand-name replacement battery for my new camera from this website. Instead of receiving a regular confirmation email, I received an email saying i needed to call them about my order. When I called, I was told that the battery I ordered was out of stock and would take weeks to come in. I was also told that this battery has only 30 minutes of life, and they had another one that would last 3-4 hours. I was questioned why I chose the smaller battery, to which I replied that I chose the one that I wanted, and that I didn't see the other one. He tried to sell me the newer one for an extra cost. When I hesitated, saying that I would like to see the specs, he said he didn't know what I wanted to see – they were both the same but this one lasted a lot longer. He was very rude to me, and treated me as if I had no idea what I was talking about. When I refused to purchase something I couldn't see first ("It's a battery – they all look alike!"), he said he would cancel my order and I should never order from them again. I told him he didn't have to worry about that. It seems like I am not the only one caught up in this bait-and-switch organization. I will order the battery I wanted from a more legitimate source.


6 years ago

I honestly read the negative reviews and thought they were only crappy with the battery sales. Ordered a flash and sure enough the next day I got a call about it "no longer in stock because they over sold it" and then asked "why did I choose an out of date flash" but I stopped them there because I figured I may get the call and cancelled my order right there after telling him why my choice was good for me first. So, yep don't know about what you may or may not get from them but I can agree first hand that they will use a bait and switch type tactic with sales.


6 years ago


STOP AND DO NOT ORDER **ANYTHING** FROM THIS COMPANY! I am willing to bet that the "good" reviews are bribed review. Please remove your review and we'll give you XYZ or send you what you actually ordered. Same trend… I ordered the Nikon SB-600 flash for $170, I received a call from this company early in the morning the next day. "I'm sorry, out of stock, we'll upgrade you for $9 and ship immediately." At first, I thought okay. Have you ever heard the saying,"if sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." So I called back for the model number so I can research the item… SFD-680…. Look it up and do the math… They were "Upgrading" me and charging me a mere $9 for a $70 basic… basic… flash. I am insulted by their business model. I called back to cancel and explained why; the "sales man" was "shocked" by the price I told him and denied that it was possible. I told him to cancel the upgraded SFD-680 flash and that i want my Nikon still. He responded by asking why i wanted the flash still if I could buy the SFD-680 for $70. I further explained that I simply want the Nikon Sb-600 and that was that. I just received an email saying that my order was cancelled and that I would not be charged, then I received a phone call from my bank for suspicious activity and guess what? The charge is still there. I would give 0 stars if possible. I will NOT CHANGE THIS REVIEW and I will post a Similarly horrible review as often as possible until my bank statement shows no charge. THE BANK IS EVEN REQUIRING ME TO GET A NEW DEBIT CARD!!! If anything, that should scare you away. If you're into fighting for a good deal, you may be one of the lucky ones to get what you want for the price you want if you're persistent. I WANT MY MONEY BACK and I WILL NOT CHANGE THIS REVIEW. WITH A REFUND, I WILL NOT GO TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU…

This should be their business motto:
"We are in business because 70% of our customers are too lazy to stick with it and fight for what they want! Its great! Charge them for what they think is a great price, but then actually sell them an item that is 1/3 of the price!

-Seriously… they tried to sell me a $70 flash for $179!!! and used dirty business talk to make me think I was getting the better deal… If you're considering taking them up on the alternative offer, at least ask for the model specs and Google it. If I'm correct, please post a similar comment and feel free to refer anyone else to this review.

3NOV… My comment was apparently reported due to a "lack of proof for transaction" let me remind you then! ORDER#51018269 I received an email saying that my order was cancelled and I will not be charged nor will I ever be charged. After my bank called to cancel my card due to fraudlent activities, **magically** I was charged. Granted it is pending, but it still appeared after I was told I would not be charged. I would flag them and discourage EVERYONE from ordering from the company. You will be left in dissapointment and paying Tiffany's prices for warlmart jewelry… RUN and spend the extra $70 for quality and reliability. SERIOUSLY! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE GUYS

ON A SIDE NOTE– I the pending charge just cleared and I was not charged. I would like to say no harm no foul, but the fact remains… They tried to butter me up and sell me a $70 lense for $179.


6 years ago

I tried ordering a battery charger, got a call that said they were on back order and I could pay more than twice my current order for something else. When i told him I didn't want to do that he told me he would cancel my order and hung up on me. Don't even bother with this place!


6 years ago

I tried to order a flash and then it said there was a problem with my card, and then re-entered the order, same thing. Then a telephone call and they said they were confused about how many? Then they said it was backordered and suggested a different one (less money). I said I'd wait the 3 weeks or so. 6 weeks later after no response to my email, I called.
Finally, they said it's a 'national back order'. I know it's out of production but hoped to get leftover stock.
Seemed like they were trying to lure me to their site regardless of product availability.

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