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5 months ago

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7 years ago

I was a little skeptical about this site at first, seeing some reviews from people who seemed a little…"fake" if you will.

Anyways i gave this a shot because Google directed me to them when i searched for a Iphone 5s case.

Case is great and i got it for a steal price of 12.95! Google said it was free shipping which, maybe at one point it was, but i had to drop 7.99 for shipment (there is another, more expensive and faster shipping option as well). Bringing my total for a $40 case to $20. (Tough Armor Case by Spigen SGP)
So i ordered on a Monday mid morning and my item wasn't shipped until Friday Night.
It came from NYC area – which if you google the location of the store it will say Chicago – so weather its actually located in Chicago or not, it was shipped from the NYC area.
Anyways…Item arrived the Monday after – so from order to when i got it, it took a week. So shipping speed (as far as leaving Friday night) it got here pretty fast – just wish they shipped it within the 24-48 hours they said they would – no big deal though, i wasn't in any rush.

Overall i gave it a 4, due to the time it took to ship, had it shipped Tuesday or Wednesday 100% would have given 5 stars – there was a comment on another site that said they tried contacting via email (which by the way is your only option – ASSUMING that's how they keep their prices so low – no customer service to pay) and said that they got no response and were out $20…well i gave the email a shot to see if i would get some response. I did get a response, within 24 hours, they told me my item would be shipping within 24 hours of their response, which it did. So as far as them "not responding" – well they responded to me so in my case that wasn't an issue.

Again, great price, case is awesome and i got a great deal on the price. Give them some credit, they are a fairly new website so bear with them if you can. I'd recommend this site for future purchases. Hopefully this site gets some more notice with how good of a deal they offer on all their items!

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