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Website: Magill Road 79 Stepney 5069 Australia

9 months ago

Access Pay doesn't let you access your pay! Simple things like a change of address have left me without hundreds of dollars, even after hours and hours of phone calls and emails. They took the incorrect amount out of my pay for months and I had to fight to get it back from them.
Also, $7/fortnight in fees is exorbitant, especially when no one actually seems to be managing my account – other than ME!


1 year ago

Absolutely appalling customer service. Unfortunately I had no choice but to use them. They consume your account with their fees. They do not respond to emails. Be prepared to be on hold for longer than 1 hour each time you need to contact them. They seem to muck up transactions. I am sure this company only survives because there are people that have no choice through their employer to use them. No one would use them by choice. Please avoid if you can.


1 year ago

My experience with Access Pay, formerly Salary Solutions, has been abominable. They constantly make mistakes that cost me hundreds of dollars and then dealing with customer service to have the mistakes rectified is a nightmare. The wait on hold us interminable and the staff are pretty clueless. If you can avoid them, do so. If you have no choice because they are your employer鈥檚 salary packaging provider, follow every transaction closely and keep on top of the transactions. I hope your experience is better than mine.

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