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10 months ago

I own a small 2nd generation business in Chicago. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. We were referred to Accion by our landlords, by our CPA and by 2 major banks here. Needless to say they were 1st on our list when I started shopping for cash.

After several voicemails and a call to another Banker, the Accion representative finally called me back. We had a brief conversation. He said he was in my area every Thursday and wanted to stop by. I said sure, let鈥檚 do it. Thursday went by and no call or contact with me was made. I followed up again. This time he said he was taking my file down to his boss and underwriting. He would get back with me that afternoon.

Still no answer when I called! Voicemails or emails went unanswered. Again I called the other a Banker and he gets right through to him with no problem. Finally after about 2-3 more days of calling I finally get through and he tells me he was off work and No his company considered me high risk.

I contacted American Express through another referral and they did everything professionally, quickly got approved and funded within 1 week! No phony stuff. Just business done right! Save yourself time. Don鈥檛 bother calling Accion they have no Action.

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