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Website: Chateau Court Reynella East 5161 Australia

3 months ago

Summer fruit fusions alcohol content has been practically halved for not much less cost. If you are happy to pay this price for what is basically fruit flavoured water then this is the wine for you. If not I strongly suggest you buy a wine with proper alcohol content which is what you are paying for. The customer service is pretty appalling too.


7 months ago

Recently I purchased a bottle of Kumala Classics white wine blend. It was like water – completely tasteless. When I read the label on the back of the bottle I realised that it not a proper wine, but a 鈥?wine based drink鈥?

I wrote to the company and their only offer in view of my complaint, was to try to force another bottle of the same onto me. I replied and said I would prefer to be sent a voucher or a bottle of actual wine. I have had no reply.

As a result of this non- existent proper customer service, and the awful bottle of Kumala 鈥榳ine鈥?I will not purchase any wine with a mention of the company on the bottle.


8 months ago

I ordered a case of wine. Only received 5 bottles. The delivery according to DHL was damaged and delivered the following day one bottle missing. Over the last two weeks I have been trying to telephone and email the company Accolade and left messages without any reply. DHL agreed to pay Accolade compensation if they contact them. Maybe I am lucky I am only one bottle down.


2 years ago

Bought some Hardys Crest because of the three gold medals on the label, but the wine was nothing special to say the very least, and when I examined the three gold medals, they were BS medals pertaining to the company's other wines, not Hardys Crest. Never, ever again will I buy Hardys.


9 years ago

Good and complete site of a huge Australian wine company.

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