Accommod8u Reviews - Accommod8u Scam or Legit


2 years ago

Absolutely the worst management apartment buildings.

Filthy – cleanliness not maintained
Excuses – no ownership or accountability for maintenance issues
Unethical – had to lie on the application that we were graduates of local universities – was told by property management employees
Fiscal – no credit check with application – will rent to anyone
Overcharge – underground parking is $130 a month per car – absolute rip-off
Poor Communication – maintenance request are unanswered, no response, everything requires an escalation to be dealt with, and then still no resolution
Pride – some tenants leave garbage in hallways, common areas and underground garage – how do people live like this – and it takes the building weeks to clean it.

This place is an absolute nightmare so my recommendation is to avoid at all cost.

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