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6 months ago

Very very unprofessional, applied for a vacancy for newports woodside cottages, recieved an email asking to book an interview via video call, i arranged this for Friday 14th August @ 2.00, I was ready with all my documents and Identification to show on the video call from 1.45, i had an email confirming my interview and even had a text message 24 hrs before to remind me! well…..2.00 and 2.15 came and went, 2.30 and 2.45 came and went, 3.00 came and went its now tuesday 18th August and I still haven't recieved a phone call or even an email apologising, I think this is disgusting, if I had turned up very late for an interview I would be penalised for it but its ok for someone to not even give u an interview or an explanation as to why they haven't rang u.


2 years ago

Awful company, used to be tracscare which had an awful reputation for their staff. they've changed their name but not their staff. still awful

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