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11 months ago

Afternoon Tea for 3 on Friday 6/3/20 at 15.30.
Very poor quality – looked like it had been thrown together at last minute. 4 triangular crustless sandwiches that looked like they had been flattened by someone鈥檚 hand. The ploughman鈥檚 cheese and pickle was sliced rather than grated and the pickle was oozing out of the sandwich. Sandwiches were drying around the edges. Salmon was dark, ham was thin and dry. A nice scone but just with a ball of whipped cream, no butter or jam with it – not the iconic jam and cream scone. A collection of little cakes that were somewhat solid and 鈥榗laggy鈥? A cream desert in a shot glass had a pink liquid sweet topping that was rather unpleasant.
Drinks – we had earl grey tea, breakfast tea and coffee, the coffee came as Americano, it was bitter and luke warm, disgusting so I got it changed for earl grey tea. Staff were aloof, not overly friendly, not overly attentive and not too well dressed given the hotels standing. We got more drinks but not till the very end of our food and we had to attract attention for it. A 16 year old GCSE Cookery Student could have done this just as well. If they had forgot we were coming and had to throw this together last minute I would believe it, it鈥檚 the worst one I鈥檝e had and I鈥檝e had a good few. I was quoted 拢17 per person = 拢51, yet the bill was approx. 拢55.50, I didn鈥檛 get the receipt so not sure what the extra charge was for – coffee I sent back; tea refills; or service charge?
We all gave 拢20 and said keep the change.
I won鈥檛 be going back in a hurry!

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