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9 months ago

I am from Australia and booked with one of the Mercure hotels in Paris and they simply rejected my refund request even though the hotel itself is closed because of the pandemic, when requesting a refund they simply said NO as I had a non-refundable booking it was not my fault that covid 19 came around to all of us travellers. We can't even get into the country. This Accor group just was not interested in my askings and they just told me bad luck. This thieving company just took $1100 of my hard earned money, they did nothing they just made money for jam! This group has no morals or sympathy for poor people that are stuck because of this crises and everyone should unite and close this huge company down for robbing average people's hard earned money for their gain. Please lets get all together and ban them or make them pay us all for something that is not our fault!


10 months ago

Due to the travel ban issued by the Spanish government, my trip to San Sebastian was cancelled. I contacted the hotel and spoke with a receptionist who said the manager would be dealing with refunds and he is working 12am – 8am for the next two weeks. She took my details, said she would give him the message that I called, and assured me that he will be emailing me that night.

The next morning I had not received an email so I called back and was told that due to all of the cancellations, it may be a couple of days for him to get back to me so I waited… after a week, I still haven't heard anything so I called the hotel at 7am their time to speak to the manager. I was told he works in the afternoons. When I explained I was told he would be working 12am – 8am, the assistant on the phone seemed startled and started mumbling. The manager clearly has no interest in speaking to the customer and providing basic customer care.

After hanging up, feeling frustrated I decided to email the hotel.

They got back to me stating that as per AccorHotels terms and conditions, I would not be able to get a refund. I find this absolutely despicable given that the unusual circumstances, as well as the fact that the ban is placed by the Spanish government. As a brand you should have more integrity and do the right thing by your customers.

I'm surprised to see the way AccorHotels treat their customers in a time like this. I was hoping to go back and stay there but I will definitely not be staying at any AccorHotels locations after this. Important to pay attention to the way the brands treat their customers now, it will surely reflect on them in the future


11 months ago

I booked a night at the Ibis Hauptbahnhof in Basel on a non-refundable basis, only to find the FOC advising against all but essential travel world-wide.
Expecting to lose the payment I was surprised and extremely grateful when the hotel offered to cancel the booking but allow me to re-book free of charge.
A later email from Accor confirmed that reservations would be honoured and if customers contacted the hotel direct, even reimbursed.
This excellent service and response to customer concerns at a time of difficulty speaks volumes for Accor and indeed for Ibis Hauptbahnhof in Basel.
Johannes from Basel was especially helpful, and is a first rate ambassador for both the hotel and for Accor as an organisation.


1 year ago

Seeing how my issues from a New Year ball at the Mercure hotel Daventry have been totally ignored even after 3 follow ups, Im left with no other alternative but to leave this honest review of my 2019 New Year eve experience on it the owner group Accor as the Mercure section has been locked down.

The New Year ball was ruined by a lack of security or management meaning a large traveller group were allowed to do exactly as they liked. Most of the group were drunk or getting close to on arrival to the event, one male member was approaching women in an unwelcome way which was causing some verbal conflicts. After a few hours he became too much even for this rabble and they took 5 attempts before they managed to take him away somewhere to sober up. Three times the hotel management were made aware that this group were on the dance floor swinging glasses around and only eventually did the DJ begrudgingly issue a no glasses on the dance floor request. Personally it should not have taken 3 different table groups to bring this problem to the attention of your management. Having people on the dance floor with glasses is a breach of health & safety. Having drunk dancers on the dance floor with glasses should have been stopped straight away by management overseeing the event. But with a complete lack of hotel security to deal with this and other objectionable behaviour the DJ request was soon ignored and never repeated. This traveller group were stealing drinks from tables when left unoccupied. They would create large areas on the dance reserved just for them, to do this they would continually knock and barge into other dancers until they intimidated them enough to move away so that dancing space could be theirs. At midnight they took over about half the dance floor for their own private New Year celebration.

This meant that Our New Years Eve was ruined and certainly not enjoyed. Not only did we have the traveller group behavioural issues. Then we have the DJ and his Jive bunny musical collections aimed mostly at the dozen or so 20-25 group he seemed to be oblivious to the fact 80% percent of the audience were 45 and above. He asked for requests but then never played them unless he had a jive bunny version on his limited music selection. He seemed totally out of his depth and unprepared to entertain the audience in front of him. My music selection on my Ipod was far more comprehensive than this alleged professional. I always thought that a DJ's job was to play music to all his audience to enjoy, not just play the music he liked and shuffle a few jive bunny party mixes for the selected few. I hope you didn't pay him the going rate because as a DJ this guy was an utter fraud. Then we have the band, who were allegedly returning by popular request. We were at your event in 2018\19 and this was never the same band unless they had gender reassignment during 2019. The different singer struggled to sing rather than screech. Musically they were on the same page as the DJ, they would open up with a well-known intro, then play something completely different. A very poor imitation of the 2018 band. Then another issue was the escalating prices at the event bar who would only take cash, not one round came to the same price. They were charging at least 拢10 for a basic spirit and mixer. They wanted 拢29 for a bottle of house wine and 拢60 for a bottle of basic branded champagne. I ended up in the main hotel bar charging to my room and found the drinks were at least half the price of the event bar. Now this means either the hotel were ripping off guests or the staff were operating a cash only scam where only enough went in the till to cover the stock sold, the rest being pocketed or pooled. One last point towards the end of the evening you had young gate crashers enjoying freely what I had paid for. That鈥檚 unless Black tie really means scruffy jumper, jeans and baseball cap.


1 year ago

Truly an appalling hotel chain
Staffed by rude or incompetent ignorant and poorly trained staff
Room smelled of cigarette smoke

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