Accountbar Reviews - Accountbar Scam or Legit


7 years ago

This was an affiliate for and It doesn't shock me that they went out of business. The company sold me a account back when I played World of Warcraft and upon logging in I was locked out. I attempted to contact them to fix it and they never got around to doing it after many attempts. When I tried to dispute in PayPal, they said it was virtual and I lost everything. Happy to know their scams were put to end.


10 years ago

Poor service. Keep telling me to come back later and never get anymore. Sold an account to them 3 weeks ago and i was told to come back in 16 to get the money and i still don't have it


11 years ago

Bunch of absolute Crooks, they sell world of warcraft accounts but steal them back, STAY AWAY

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