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1 year ago

Definefly scam! Taking money from your account as, website that won't even appear on a google search. Customers service will send you and e.mail with the website, once you open the website the name changes to account
Keep saying you opened an account with them but there is no proof, no e-mail, nothing


1 year ago

Total scam company be carful when doing a on line loan app when you put your details in you unknowingly are signed up for a 5 day free trial and then 拢27.50 per months for a service I don鈥檛 know what it is didn鈥檛 ask for or want. I contacted my bank had to wait until the pending transaction was fully taken. When I called the scammers he was rude and arrogant tried to argue what the bank told me and wouldn鈥檛 explain things just going around the issue. He was the cancellation dept then he was Customerservice then just a over spill I asked for a email saying the acount stopped he said the the refund dept is email only very convenient! He tried to say I鈥檇 signed up for it while doing a loan app I ask who then he said it was done directly ! No third parties. Just pure lies . I spoke to my bank again reported it as fraud and change my card now and they The bank have returned The money. I urge anyone to be very careful and if you do get caught out speak to your bank report it the more reports filed the sooner a scammer wil be shut down .


1 year ago

AVOID!!! SCAMMERS, FRAUD. You name it. Take money out of your account, after supposedly been signed up through pay day loans, still looking for a way to report. And still no refund. :@

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