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1 year ago

Kelsey McGee, National Sales Division Director at Accounting Principals, called me after I uploaded my resume to one of the large online job services it may have been or I'm not sure. She said she reviewed my resume and that I may be a good fit for a company called Loan Care. She explained that there was an open house and that I should make an appointment for an interview with them, which I did.

I showed up at the company, met Kelsie who was organizing the event, and completed the interview with the VP of the organization. Either one or two days later Kelsie called me and said that Loan Care would be extending a written offer of employment either that same day or the next day. At this point I stopped searching for jobs because I made the decision to accept their offer.

3 days later I had not received the letter and called Kelsie. She said that the company was very busy but they would send me the written offer no later than the next day and it was "100% guaranteed" that I got the job.

About 3 or 4 days later I still had not received the letter and called Kelsie again. She acted very surprised that I had not received the written offer or a phone call from Loan Care but then later in the conversation stated that 7 other applicants who had been conditionally hired by Loan Care had not received their offer letter either. She assured me that I had the position and that the HR department was super busy with all of their hiring and that she would make some phone calls to find out when I would be getting either a phone call from them or the written offer letter through email.

At this point red flags should have been going off in my head because why did she act so surprised that I hadn't received the offer letter when she knew that 7 other applicants hadn't received theirs either? In other words, she knew I hadn't received the letter so why was there any fake shock or surprise?

Over the next 2 weeks I continued to receive reassurances from Kelsie McGee that I would receive the offer letter because Loan Care had communicated clearly to her that they wanted to hire me at one point she told me she had a conversation with the head of the HR department so there was nothing for me to worry about.

After 3 weeks of continuous promises Kelsie stopped returning any emails or phone calls from me. Keep in mind I was not calling her every single day. Often 3 or even 4 days would go by with no communication between us. Then, over the course of two days, I left multiple and detailed voicemails along with numerous emails all unreturned.

She completely stopped communicating with me with her very last message to me being the same that I had gotten the job and I would receive either a phone call from Loan Care or an offer letter through email.

In my emails and voicemails I was still receptive to working with her because I thought that Loan Care had just made a complete reversal and decided not to hire at the moment. In fact here is one of the emails I sent to Kelsie McGee verbatim:


I'm not understanding why you aren't responding to either my emails or my voicemails.

If Loan Care is not responding – it doesn't matter. Let's move on.

Can you help me with opportunities from other companies?"

This email was sent to her 32 days ago from the time I am writing this review and I have not heard from her in any way since then.

To call Kelsie McGee's actions unprofessional is an understatement. To leave someone hanging after making multiple promises that they got a job is beyond belief. She would not step up, do the right thing, and make a phone call or even type an email stating that something had gone wrong and explaining the situation. Instead she took the easy, amateurish, and careless way of just ignoring a client whom she initially reached out to.


3 years ago

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4 years ago

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