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7 years ago

This was an affiliate for and It doesn't shock me that they went out of business. The company sold me a account back when I played World of Warcraft and upon logging in I was locked out. I attempted to contact them to fix it and they never got around to doing it after many attempts. When I tried to dispute in PayPal, they said it was virtual and I lost everything. Happy to know their scams were put to end.


9 years ago

I had similar experience. They sold me a stolen account and every since I contact their customer service they keep sayin we are workin on it check back after 10 hrs. I tried for 10 days and gave up. These guys are base from china and are cheats stay away


10 years ago

When you access the first things you will read is: Experience Service Excellence 24/7 Over 3000 Accounts In Stock
NO Recalls NO Bans Security Guaranteed!
Delivery or Money Back!

WRONG! Their customer service is horroble for a couple of reasons, but mainly, they will say whatever you want to hear to sell you something even if its not true.

NO RECALLS… LOL, whatever! I bought a fairly cheap level 80 for the sake of having some fun. 3 months later and 5 Level 80 on my account with 30k gold total, the original owner calls blizzard, gives the account information and I lose everything. I contacted, they lied to me until I discovered they didnt even have a claim. After I contacted Paypal for this, said that now they couldnt help me and neither could Paypal because there is a 45 Day limit to SOME purchases. That was true.

I lost my account, my work, my subscription fees and the money I paid to end up with nothing because of the ppl I did business with.

My friend went to, paid a bit more, went into the same issue and got his account back 48 hours later. You can contact me to check.


11 years ago

I sold them a RuneScape account. These people are stalling on giving me my payment! Everytime I speak to a "representative", no matter what time, they always tell me to come back in ten hours..What the $#@! this is rediculous! I asked where they were located and they said Singapore. The number listed on their website is based in Illinois..

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