Reviews - Scam or Legit


7 years ago

No manager responding, no refunds.

I purchased an item and i decided I did not want it any longer and would like to discuss a refund or an item of equal value. I asked for the manager who had not responded after two weeks. They said wait one day, now they said to wait 6 days. I filed a dispute with paypal nothing could be done because they have an invalid website link. On top of that they said to get help i have to delete that dispute. All they know how to do is say sorry and that they cant help. Silly me i didnt search beforehand and found no good reviews for them. This is a scam.


9 years ago

I sold my Runescape account around 3 weeks ago, a week later somebody bought it, 2 weeks later i'm still waiting to recieve a payment, 30+ hours ago i was told i'd get it within 8 hours. Yet i'm still waiting. There Customer Service is terrible, not very helpful at all. Not to mention the fact, that the latest information i recieved via there Customer Service states that my account is still on sale, yet i was speaking to someone that bought it, in the actual game.

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