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Website: 649 Blythe Ct., APT7 Sunnyvale 94085 United States

1 year ago

Accounts Confidant is efficient and thorough. They are an excellent resource for my company to assist in QB data entry and management. I email the information and they quickly and precisely enter the data – even asking questions to be certain the entries are accurately classified. They are easy to work with and have adapted to my style. Their service offers me space efficiency since they are remote as well as time efficiency since they work only as much or as little as I need. Thank you Accounts Confidant for your professionalism!


1 year ago

So this is the worst scenario I could face. While filing taxes last year, I came to realize that my CPA had not reconciled my books correctly at all! In fact, there were so many loopholes and missing transactions that when the tax preparation time came, we were almost in a rut trying to find the solution to the problem that was in front of us! This is when a friend who is a client of Accounts Confidant asked me to call them and see if they could help me. So I did the same and believe me, the first thing that I appreciated was that they understood that time was of the essence! They took a month to clear my books and to speed up my tax filing. In fact, they worked closely with my CPA and got us all the support we needed to prepare my tax files smoothly.

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