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3 years ago

Over 12 year l was using this Credit Company for my business!!! When was moving to new location, cancel their business. Return their equipment. Did not have any credit card services for 2 month. Bank statements did come later to new location. And what do I see: change for 2 month from ACCPC some imaginal amounts. I start checking old statements and I found a lot wrong changes! This Company robing people and refuses return any! DO NOT TRUST ACCPC company!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!


3 years ago

Called to cancel our service with them in July 16. They never cancelled it. Once i took over accountant i realized we were still being charged monthly by them. e0-mailed about the cancellation not being done in APRIL OF 2017!!!! They CLAIM that we never called to cancel and that they had no record of it. Peter threatened to charge a termination fee if we cancelled. it was VERY rude, inconsiderate and down right nasty! I told him that we are not under contract and have not used ACCPC for nearly 10 months! Should they try and charge us a term fee we will be fighting it with attorniesas there is no contract we are under for them to be able to charge a fee. Do NOT ever work with this company. scammers…. they'll seem fine until you want to leave. To me it seems like this business is going under and they are threatening customers so they'll stay… not cancelling accounts when they should so they get money and charge termination fees and companies just pay them so they can avoid the headache… all the while this company is getting over on tons of people.


6 years ago

Do not ever consider working with this company. I was with them for over 7 years and when I terminated they charged me a termination fee. Did not care that I was a customer for that long. Reason I terminated was they refunded clients without notifying me and I had to fight tooth and nail to get the money back into my account. They provided little to no support. If you value your hard earned money do not engage with this company!


7 years ago

Don't get a merchant acct with this company if you value your hard earned money!
I have a merchant acct with ACCPC for 3 months now. I noticed that they stopped depositing my settlements and also drafted $5000 from our checking acct. I have been trying to get in touch with anybody at that company and was finally able to speak briefly with a man called "Mike" who is supposed to be the co-owner of the company and the risk manager for the Dallas office.
He was more than rude on our brief conversation but gave me an email of a person which I should send all the tracking details for all the customers that had bought the product we sell and also proof of the ingredients for the product itself. I did email both requirements on the same day and haven't heard from them ever since. I do speak 2-3 times to a very nice receptionist named Wendy and she always says that Mike isn't available or not at the office at that time.
It has been over 3 months nos and I haven't been able to communicate with them to resolve this issue at all.
They have $13,145.00 of our hard earned money and they haven't sent me a letter notifying us of the issue at hand at all.
I'm in the process of hiring an attorney to represent us and file a complaint and case on the proper court. This is definitely a shady company that has not regards for their customers and obviously wants to keep your hard earned money. I'll be writing as many complaints as this one to every website that caters to this type of ordeal and will also send a complaint letter to the Dallas attorney general and any other entity that regulates or deals with this company. I will for sure send a letter to and will also contact other complainers that I have found to collectively raise our voices against this shady company.

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