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2 months ago

Rebecca answered the phone. I asked for a quote. She insisted that a technician had to come out to do an inspection. I understand that they want to make money, but when I told her that I needed a quote and could give her the model of the fridge and the part number, she still insisted that a tech would have to come out to look at it to make sure that was the part number. Sorry, but I am not paying $79.95 to have someone check that I can read. I wanted a quote to see if I will use them. When I asked her to check the part number and give a quote, she flat out refused. So, I asked for a supervisor. She then promptly hung up the phone. I tried to call back, but it went to voicemail. The most unprofessional experience with a repair service ever. The only reason I even called, is because I don't have an evac machine for the Freon. I could do this myself.

Update to manager reply: We asked for a supervisor, and the phone went dead. Highly suspect. Providing me with a olace to find the part does not give me an estimate as to your charge. I asked for a quote for replacement of the compressor. I have the part number. Not difficult. Your company just wants to make a quick $80 because most people dont want to spend the money on the repair. I know how much it could cost. As far as how I and my wife talked to your CSR, asking for a quote, and trying to give a part number only to be interrupted and told a service tech would have to determine the part number is insulting, so asking for a supervisor is normal. Then to hang up, or as you say disconnected, is just bad business. Yes, when the line picks up and says to leave a message, that is voicemail, not an automated answering service. And truly, telling me that my wife is rude, you have a lot to learn about talking to customers. You are right, best we do not do business, and I am sure to let everyone I know about my experience.

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