Accs Reviews - Accs Scam or Legit


7 months ago

This place is laughable, it is suppose to have student complaint system against Alabama Community Colleges. The complaint system is broken it takes more the 30days to hear anything back. It took me 90 days to hear anything and even though I had email with dates they will insist it didn't. You can even tell them you email your contact there in between with no reply. They will just close ranks and try to look like your lying to protect one another. Regardless if what facts you have they just repeat what the school told them and rule in their favor. The exec's there dont care to investigate all they will dont is think your just a upset student. At the end of the day why would they ever rule in a students favor if a school scams students out of money and have them redo a course thats good for them. Who cares about pass rates, the money is all that matters.

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