Acer Reviews - Acer Scam or Legit


9 years ago

Quick review: if your product is broken, prepare for enormous trouble getting it repaired. Even if you're willing to pay. Even if you pay, this doesn't mean it will get fixed. Extremely bad communciation from this company.

Jan 2010: Laptop with a broken screen. Only glass is broken, but everything still working. Got in touch with repair services at ACER.

Mar 2010: Got a quote for repairing after sending the laptop. Price OK for me. I paid the quote.

40 (!) days later: No feedback what-so-ever from ACER.

July 2010 – more as 6 months (!) after initial contact – I get a credit note and my (still broken) ACER laptop is sent back.

I will never ever ever buy an ACER laptop again.

In case anybody of ACER support is reading this: 4453991G is the case number.

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