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1 year ago

Recently bought an Acer Aspire laptop, but after a few hours, the mousepad stopped working. The PC was filled with pre-installed spamware and advertising, and I had to spend hours cleaning it. The shell has a weird surface treatment that easily gets worn off, making the whole thing look like a mess. An engineering failure and a consumer nightmare. What a sorry excuse for a company – stay far away from their "products"


2 years ago

Avoid Swift laptops. This is a poor quality laptop. Bought Nov 29 2017. 拢335. Complete waste of money. Computer stopped working completely within 13 months. Acer customer support dreadful. Insisted on assessment fee of 拢37.20 just to look at the laptop. Dreadful quality. Avoid Acer laptops. I will never buy an Acer laptop again.


2 years ago

I have now owned 4 products from this company.
a 1.071鈧?desktop that within a few months had a malfunctioning HDD, GPU, and PSU

a 669鈧?laptop that got a bluescreen of death after roughly 6 months and wouldnt boot, the replacement(same model) broke down a year after with the exact same issue

now a new laptop for roughly the same price as the first one, suddenly freezes at the smallest work it has to do, opening chrome and it freezes and crashed chrome, taskbar freezes. Computer is basically useless now

Never buy Acer, it simply doesnt work.


2 years ago

Purchased a Z24-880 a few months ago based on a Which? Magazine review. I've been locked out of accounts several times due to incorrect passwords. There is no indication whether the caps lock is on or off which doesn't help. I contacted Acer support asking if I'm missing something or is there a fix for the problem. After several requests for help I'm told to use third party software. When asked which software from where, told they don't know so I should Google it! The last time I will buy or recommend Acer.


3 years ago

Bad product . Swift 5… acer don't reply you unless you want to buy new products… if you have a problem with old products don't exspect an answer


4 years ago

I bought a XB240H from newegg last july.


-Worked great for 1.5 years


-Failed after 1.5 years, screen was blurry, not usable right now. Fortunately it was during the warranty period. I would have been happy with it except: See second point
-Talked to customer support, they admitted that there is a documented overheating issue with this monitor and told me I had to send it back. They told me I was responsible for the shipping cost to them. This is a pretty hefty monitor so it was very expensive to ship. I asked them if they could pay it but they refused each time. I find this ridiculous since this is a failure on their end I have the inconvenience of not having a monitor for a couple weeks AND pay shipping equal to around 10% of the monitor's value.

Other Thoughts:

I will not be purchasing any Acer products in the future as I was very disappointed with how the monitor failure was handled. People who pay for a monitor like this pay for a premium product and the support was anything but premium.


4 years ago

Keep away is all I can say. Broke said my fault after 5 months. Just had argument on phone with customer service. No help at all. Conned money and lied and made me feel like I was hearing things in last phone call and daughter heard it all previously. ACER GET SOME NEW STAFF AND WILL NEVER EVER BUY ACER AGAIN. go get cheap version will last longer. YOUR STAFF NEED TO EXPLAIN THINGS BETTER AS IF I WOULD PAY 120 TO BE FIXED WHICH YOU NEVER SAID WHEN CAN GO BUY ACONIA 10 INCH WHICH BROKE FOR SAME PRICE. RIP OFF MERCHANT. EVERYONE BE CAREFUL IF YOURS BRAKES. UPDATE. STILL THINK YOUR HEART LESS AFTER THE PHONE CALL. TODAY. WANT ME TO PAY MORE MONEY FOR A PREVIOUS CONVERSATION SUPPOSINGLING RECORDED. YOU MAKE ME LAUGH.

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