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3 years ago

Scam company
At the start of this review that i normally am not a guy who holds grudges.. I dont review companies very often and i dont have a google account, trustpilot or tripadvisor account.. But i am gonna make accounts just so i can make sure that the most amount of people will know what a piece of bad (bad langauge not allowed ) company you guys are.
So over 2 months ago me and my buddy rented a car through your company, then a couple of days after returning the car my buddy gets a message from his banking saying he was charged 3500 AUD. Naturally we call you guys to hear what is going on, we get told the charges are due to hale damage. Alright we call our insurance company who then tells us, they need a damage report to start the case. We call you guys again and we get told that they will send it to us within a few days. Around a week goes by havent heard anything. We then call you again and after getting redirected around 5 times, we finally get told that you will contact us. We wait around another week and hear nothing. Then the 3500 AUD charge mysteriously vanished. Another 2 weeks or so after hearing nothing we get an email confirming that no money have been charged. And now over a month later you charge us 3500 AUD again?! I mean this is unbelivable.. 100% SCAM COMPANY

This was the reply:
Hi Nicolai,

Thanks for your review – this is extremely distressing to hear and I will investigate into this immediately for you.

Can you please advise your booking number and the hirer's name of the vehicle to us at customercare for Ace to begin the investigation.

I look forward to your reply and ensuring a speedy resolution for you regarding the experience you have had with Ace.

Thank you

Customer Care

Ace Rental Cars

So i sent the email, never heard from them again


3 years ago

I rented a very cheap car in late Nov 2017 from Auckland and after returning the car, instead of receiving my 750nzd deposit I had an additional 2000nzd taken from my account for damage to number plate.

I have made attempts to receive a damage report so so far I have not even had an acknowledgement from Ace.

I will provide updates on this site and TripAdvisor. I am greatly out if pocket and shocked at this behaviour.

In frustration I am hoping this post will lead to resolution and a refund.



3 years ago

Excellent cannot fault. Picked up at Melbourne airport ( short drive to depot) by a friendly man who was very helpful as was the receptionist . She gave us lots of advice and help , nothing too much trouble. Yes the car wasn't new had some marks and dents but that wasn't a problem.
We used the car for three months without any problems, appears the cars are well maintained. No worries about theft ( a problem in the U.K. ) we returned it early as we weren't sure of our exact plans when we booked. Couldn't find the depot in Sydney , our sat nav problem , so the kind men at hertz sorted it for us.
We would definitely use this company again and would recommend them for a good deal at a very affordable price without hassle ( as previously experienced! ) thank you


7 years ago

I was looking for the best price car rental option in South-East Australia. It looked like ACE was the one with the lowest price, though with the disadvantage that their pickup location is off-airport.

As I work in the travel industry most travel companies give special discount to colleagues. ACE offered me a 25% discount and asked me to mail my booking reference so they can deduct the discount afterwards. And so I did.

ACE did not respond to my forwarded booking reference. I re-sent my booking reference and then they told me I already booked with an 20% coupon code. When I asked them to just deduct the 5% difference, they just choose to not respond anymore.

As the first confirmation mail stated "You will receive an email confirmation from the renting location shortly. Until that time, please DO NOT regard this booking as confirmed." I was still waiting for my final booking confirmation. After a week of waiting I noticed this mail landed in my Gmail Spam box. As I probably am not the only one using Gmail, I notified ACE. They never responded.

As my trip itinerary changed, I had to cancel my booking. So I contacted ACE web chat. They told me they were not able to help me as they could only see New Zealand bookings. They asked me to send an email with my request. As you might guess, they did not respond. I had to send them a second mail to ask to cancel my booking before cancellation got confirmed.

I made a new booking with ACE, this time a one-way Adelaide to Sydney rental. Again I had to wait for confirmation and had to send an email to ACE to request to either confirm or cancel. Just a few days before I was flying to Adelaide – I got my confirmation. All settled!

When I arrived at the airport I had to call ACE to get me picked up. When I called the general ACE 1-800 number and choose the option to be picked up at Adelaide Airport, I got an woman telling me I had called the wrong number. I then called their local 1-800 number and I was picked up within 15 minutes. The drive to their location took almost half an hour.

Once arrived at the location they tried to sell me their Collision Damage Waiver Option, an insurance which charges you $19 a day so you will not have a pay a liability of $3,000 in case of an accident. As I was renting for 14 days, that would equal $266 which I found to much and was the reason I decided not to do so at time of booking. Of course they tried to convince me that there is a probability to hit a kangaroo etc. Because I did not want this insurance, they wanted to put a hold on my creditcard of $3,000. That was impossible as my creditcard has a limit of $2,000. After a lot of hassle they offered me the insurance at $170. As I had no other choice, I decided to take the offer.

On the day of arrival I had to drive 6 hours to my first destination. Unfortunately I noticed that the car was not well aligned. On a flat even road it would go left without touching the steering wheel. It was really tiring to drive the car so I sent an email to them to ask if it would be okay to bring back the car in two days to their Melbourne location. I asked for a confirmation. I never received any reply. As I would not know if they could either fix or replace the car, I decided to take my loss and not to waste my time and kept the car.

The day before I had to bring my car back to their city location in Sydney, they called me to tell me that I had to bring the car back before 4pm. Though I rented the car (with a reason) until 5:30pm and that time was in my contract. They told me that was a mistake and I really should bring it back before 4pm as the location closes at 4pm. If I wanted to do it later, I could bring it back to their airport location. I then asked who would pay my taxi to the city and they told me I would have to. Of course I did not accept this; their mistake it not my problem. At the end they offered me to reimburse the transportation costs.

At the end I changed my plans due to bad weather and I was able to bring the car back to their city location before 4pm. The rental contract said 'Cnr William and Riley Street Darlinghurst Sydney'. When going there I could not find any ACE sign at all. I saw Thrifty, Alamo, Budget, Hertz etc. though no ACE. I then walked in at Hertz to ask if they knew where to find ACE. Then they told me they handle ACE returns. I mean HELLO!! why doesn't ACE just tell their customers to look for Hertz instead of letting customers find out their selves.

All and all a long story. I think ACE could do a lot more to professionalize their service. I am unhappy with the (lack of) service I received. For me this was the first and last time I booked a car at ACE.

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