Acetools Supplies Reviews - Acetools Supplies Scam or Legit


6 months ago

Should be a ZERO rating. Total scam. They bill thru PayPal, and the transaction remains "pending". Then I received a phone text about 5 days later that claims my payment method did not go through, and to "click this link" to provide an alternate method of payment. Most likely a wire xfer (I did NOT click the link!!!)!! Currently writing to them to terminate the pending transaction…


8 months ago

Be careful, this site is a scam. It asks for all of your billing information plus social and birthday. That's why everything is listed super cheap.


11 months ago

I looked at few different generators before purchasing this one. The rest had 20+% thd which is probably ok for short term use, but when we lose power, it's sometimes days before we get it back. Less than 5% sounded much better.
I haven't had to use during a power outage yet, but tested after hooking up. Started first pull.. Turned most of the lights on in the house, furnace and fridge running, cycled well pump. It held at 122 volt with all of these on. I even turned on the electric oven (well pump not cycling at this time) & held at a steady 120 volt. Plenty of power for emergency back-up.
I'll follow up after a few years

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