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3 months ago

To be clear, this review is purely around their business practices and lack of warranty and not the quality of work. For the work all I can attest too is the poor fitting and broken stitches during wearing of the dress.

As soon as you leave their shop, they no longer consider any defects as their issue (evidence below).

When buying any item or customisation it's important to be able to trust the seller, even more so when its to do with weddings. The repeated excuse of, you were ok when you picked it up just highlights their poor customer service if something goes wrong.

Being accused of damaging a dress on purpose, is not only ludicrous (as it was 3 days before the wedding) but also another example of poor service. The dress then going onto suffer more faults with the work and being met with further insults is another example of their rude, immature practices that fit along side the lack of professionalism.

Perhaps this was a unique experience, but the director having to shush Adriana multiple times during a face to face meeting due to her shouting and insults paints a very poor picture, which I imagine is a frequent one.

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