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1 year ago

I liked that we were getting useful notifications from my children's school, at first. But for some reason, I started getting notifications from several different schools excluding my kids school. I didn't realize it at first so I kept my kids home on the wrong days, picked them up late on other days, and missed important school events.
When I realized those messages were meant for other schools, I called in to clear up the problem. I was met with a rude operator who spoke to me condescendingly as if I was the one who did something wrong. It took three phone calls with those people to get it right.
So, for the past several months I've been getting their proper notifications, but for the last few weeks they started sending them in Spanish. I understand Spanish but my husband doesn't. He can't figure out what they're saying. He passed me his phone to translate the message but with all the grammatical errors, missing spaces, semi colons all over the place, no uppercase letters at the beginning of sentences… Are we supposed to stop flipping tortillas to decipher these messages?
隆Porfavor, aregla la problema!

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