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2 months ago

Every week they recognize a student with the highest score. My child's score was 228. The winner's score was 81. You read it correctly. For Achive3000 81 is HIGHER then 228.

There are A LOT OF mistakes. The questions and answers don't even match and their "correct" answer is many time wrong. Then you blsme your child because s/he doesn't pay attention to the details in the text.
Many grammar mistskes.
Synonyms – well, there is no dictionary on this planet that can prove that the answers, that Achive 3000 gives you, are actually correct. My child is often confused because the website shows the most ridiculous answer as the correct one.
Overall, I feel like the authors of the questions should take ESL classes. Or stop drinking whatever they drink.


2 months ago

I think its an good tool for the next generations so they can read about different topics and find the one that likes more, also it is really easy to use.


1 year ago



3 years ago

I do not believe that this program is actually useful. It basically punishes the kids who have a higher reading level, by giving them more paragraphs to read, more complicated vocabulary words, and more to do for the extended response questions. While the kids who have a lower reading level, only have 1-2 paragraphs to read, very simple vocabulary words, and only 1 sentence to write for the extended question. Plus, each school has to pay for it. Overall, I believe that Achivie300 is crap and should be rated 0 stars.

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