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11 months ago

This place is no good and shouldn't be allowed to do business the way they are.
They over estimate what they can do for you and under perform. You will spend thousands upfront and only have 3 days to cancel or they start keeping percentages of it. So if course they will sign you up for classes you don't need then not help when you're having issues. If you try to cancel service due to thier failures they refuse to return your money even if you haven't taken any classes. They will make you go through a lengthy appeals process making you wait two weeks in between each session just to offer you more services and deny you any resolution. Even with provided proof. They don't even listen to thier own mediator. They claim they're good with bbb having 5 stars but check it out. They're not accredited. Read all complaints. I promise I wish I had. They're all similar to what I'm going through. They will even tell you to nullify your complaint by suggesting that its in good faith. Don't! They're tricking you. Take the contract to a lawyer before signing it. They have clauses in it that will specifically attempt to prevent you from getting your money back regaurdless of if its thier fault or not and prevent you from trying to get legal resolution on your own. I am willing to share everything so this doesn't happen to anyone else. Don't get ripped off. Its Its not worth it.


2 years ago

I signed on for Achieve Test Prep was online program for License Vocational Nurse to Registered Nurse… they asked for $ 500.00 up front I paid in 2 installments thinking it was going to be a good thing… Then they made me sign all these papers saying how much the program was going to cost it was like 15,000 dollars and about 2,500 a month for me to pay out of pocket cause they say no homework and you can work during the program… oh man!!! So bad I was so desperate that I signed the believing I could do it and not having to step into a class room… I attended one class and it was like talking to some one on Skype… it was like 3 hrs long and a joke!!! I made arrangements to withdraw draw thinking my 500 would pay for the one class attended but no they are pursuing the whole amount!!!! 15,000!!! And then they telling me they will settle with me for 1,700 plus my 500 they took from me because I took someone鈥檚 place!!! What the hell!!! I鈥檓 so screwed!!! I just don鈥檛 want this to happen to anyone else please stay away!!!

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