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Website: Kraft Road 3520 Naples 34105 United States

1 year ago

I was going to make my car payment to Ally Auto. I go to the website and the capability to make a payment is shut down because Ally is implementing a new system. What corporation has programmers that are so stupid that they have to shut down an existing system while they implement a new system? Why not run both in tandem with each other? That is the HONEST protocol.

Why not? Because you are directed to a 3rd Party, Western Union…but in fact, not Western Union at all. It is SpeedPay and this is owned by ACI Worldwide. And you are charged a fee. But I don't care about that…

I call on the phone and I am directed to…YOU GOT IT….THE PHILIPPINES….
Are these not the same SOBs that "sell" their children online for the most corrupt of sexual acts?
Are these not the same SOBs that were caught with their hands in the "cookie jar" smuggling oil from Iran in September 2019? Does the US HAVE SANCTIONS ON IRAN AND ANY COUNTRY BUYING OIL FROM IRAN?????
And ACI WORLDWIDE expects me to just hand over my financial information to these SOBs….

As far as I am concerned, the US should make a "PARKING LOT" out of the Philippines.

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." ~Albert Einstein

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