Reviews - Scam or Legit


5 years ago

It's ridiculous that bullies would go to so much effort to scare people away from another point of view. They must be full of hatred.


8 years ago

Only a moonbat could dislike this site. An excellent source of truth.


9 years ago

Great show. Looks at current events through a Christian point of view.

Oh, and to ababa, since when is it a crime to make a decent salary in America? Give me a break. I hate when people use people's salary to make successful people look like criminals just because they are successful.


9 years ago

Great site that stands up for religious freedom, freedom of speech, the rights of Christians, and the entire Constitution and what our country was founded on. Check them out and support them!


10 years ago

defends the poor, the abused, and the rights of all


11 years ago

This site is absolutely safe.

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