Aclofts Reviews - Aclofts Scam or Legit


2 years ago

Employed A C Lofts northampton to convert our loft up to and including first fix.
The externals were of good quality but internally quite poor.
Uneven spacing on roof joists and unbraced to prevent twisting meant insulating was harder than it needed to be. oarding was time consuming every board trimmed because of spacing. Some Stud walls were built using twisted and bowed timber which had to be replaced. Spacing of timber again was not 400 or 600 spacing so every board needed trimming. Poorly fitted stairs ( fitted on top of carpet ) parts not fixed together meant very creaky and needed to be rectified.
Floor fitted 20mm out of level.
A window would not close correctly they came out to rectify and was made worse.
Would not recommend.

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