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7 years ago

No refund after stating not satisified with certification.

I am a RN and my hospital would not accept this companies ACLS certification (Even though they advertise AHA certified Doctors, the company it self is not AHA Certified). After kindly explaining this to the company and stating that I would like to give the card back and a letter from my hospital stating that the certification is in-usable, they would not give me a refund even when their website states "100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back". They stated that their guarantee only applies before I take the test (Which is not specified on the website). After asking for a refund (even partial) the company still would not agree.


7 years ago

No refund before 60 day deadline

Tried the web site and my employer would not accept their certification and have been trying to get a refund since June. I have sent them emails and have called there phone # no one aswers the phone and they sent me email confirming my refund. then tell me that they don't have my purchase for the test on file. I then send them the receipt and they tell me this is the first they have herd that I want a refund.

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