Acme Couriers Reviews - Acme Couriers Scam or Legit


6 months ago

Terrible trouble trying to contact this company!! I emailed twice and got no response from them whatsoever had to ask the seller to intervene!


6 months ago

Absolutely shocking service. Currently on week 3 of late delivery. First time they made a delivery attempt they changed the delivery time at the last moment and arrived at 7am while we were asleep, forgot half the order and what they did deliver wasn't what we ordered.

Two weeks later they finally get around to delivering the bed and correct wardrobe set this time but there is no mattress even though they said the full delivery would be there. I asked the driver about it and he said it was in the box (which it wasn't obviously).

Fast forward another week and we get a text saying that the mattress will be here tomorrow, so I stay home from work. No sign of it in the morning so I keep calling but no-one picks up the phone. I have to contact the manufacturer to finally get the news that it's not going to be delivered today because it hasn't even left the bloody factory yet!!! Why did I get a text last night saying it was coming this morning?


9 months ago

Awful service, liars, said it will be delivered on Friday then no message, won't answer phone calls, and no contact from them whatsoever about new delivery date. After escalating the case it eventually got deliver on Monday at 7am! At some point I got shouted and sweared at in foreign language (Romanian I assume) when tried to contact the driver. Avoid avoid avoid!!


1 year ago

Absolutely sh17. Worse delivery service. Haven鈥檛 received any of my items, especially contacting them over 200 times not even 1 response. I鈥檓 confident that they鈥檙e doing fraud behind closed doors

F4CK you!


1 year ago

Courier company that doesn't care

Delivered a mattress to our home created damage to expensive chandelier and smashed crystals
Contacted them but they say all drivers are self employed and nothing to do with them

Next lie of an email they said they gave a credit to the mattress company to pay me

Lie after lie after lie. Now going through small claims court

Rubbish service. Avoid avoid avoid

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