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Best Native Ad Networks

Tatiana Alshevskaya

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Last updated on April 3, 2019 – 11 min read

Best Native Ad Networks You Should Use in 2019

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The Native Ad Spend Trend
Best Native Ad Networks Right Now
2. Revcontent
3. Taboola
4. Outbrain
5. Adcash
Native is the crown prince it's the new mantra that you might often hear when it comes to online advertising (hint: a crown prince is someone who's likely to become the next king). That's why we decided to gather all the best native ad networks in one place.

Just recently we've touched upon best traffic sources for affiliate marketing and listed Native Ads as one in our top 5 list. And for good reason.

Native Ads spend has been growing consistently in the US, gaining approximately 25% in advertising spending each year, for the last three years.

The Native Ad Spend Trend
Below, you can find the native display advertising in the United States from 2016 to 2019 (in billions U.S dollars).

native ads spending

Source: Statista

The spending seems to be going up steadily year-over-year, and the reason, funny enough, is because no one likes ads. Even affiliate marketers have AdBlock just in case. Native is gonna keep growing and evolving because, ironically, it looks the least like an ad, compared to all other formats.

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Native ads help to avoid banner blindness (for now), they provide additional value to the visitor, and drive engagement. Most importantly, they bring revenue.

Google utilizes native approach when showing ads on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), as well as when it comes to displaying ad websites they both try to mimic the look and context of the placement they are showing in.

Facebook uses native approach by showing you the ads that correspond to your interests, yet are mostly served as a part of your timeline and (should) fit there naturally.

YouTube isn't there, yet its content is too hard to mimic for now, but they'll figure something out.

Let's dive in and explore them a little further!

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