Reviews - Scam or Legit


2 years ago

Contacted for job as Purchasing Manager. Had been out of work for five months and was anxious to get back to work. Did due diligence, clearly not enough. Used own credit card during probation period (after 2 weeks a corporate card would be issued)and used their bank account info to pay for items (cell phones) purchased on my credit card to be mailed to a warehouse in Hong Kong. First few draw downs of money from their account to pay bill worked. Then they clawed it back and I was left with all the charges. They stressed that they didn't want our bank info so I thought we were okay. Dopey me!!
Contacted credit card company and they could not do anything for me. Contacted police, Consumer Protection Agencies in both NYC and the state I live in. Froze credit reporting agencies. Thought I was smarter than this.


3 years ago

I was offered a purchasing manager position with this company. After signing the Job Contract and Submitting my Credit Report I did not hear from Dale Fagan again. I am beyond upset and scared that now they have my personal information.

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