Reviews - Scam or Legit


4 months ago

Great product, I really loved what they did. My skin is smooth as butta now.


2 years ago

I have tried the regimen which really irritated my skin and I got better results from simply cutting out sugar etc which is cheaper by far. In addition I discovered my account had been compromised dur to their lacking site security at the time. My email address and password were obtained along with many others by hackers targeting their site, after this I had to get a new email so not oberall impressed.

On the plus side they have a good support network and information for people with similar issues which is valuable.


9 years ago

For all those who have acne issues and don't feel like getting ripped off by ProActive, this is it. My wife's been using it for years now, thought I'd finally share this with others. We bought the huge pack they have and it lasts so long. You only need to use more in the beginning, once your skin looks fine, you only need a little bit, and in my wife's case only every other day, so really really cheap and so totally worth it.

For Denmark: be aware of 1150 DDK limit when importing or else they put toll also, but buy lots and still really cheap, toll or no toll.

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