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5 months ago

Everyone has been praising the products so my case might be isolated, I don't have sensitive skin. I tried out the cleanser the first time and I woke up with black head looking rash allover my face, felt like sand paper. My face recovered in less than two weeks. Tried it again because I did not want to throw it out, it was difficult to get. Same thing happened again. It worked for my friend though so


1 year ago

The order never arrived, and the tracking number I was updated with could never show proof of arrival. They insisted they sent the order and told me to wait 3-5 business days for resolution which they said "could include filing a police report". It has now been 6 days and I still have no word from them on what is going on. They also only use a small scale email-only support that won't see my side of things as a consumer and send out the correct order (I'm not asking for a refund.) I have been a customer for over 5 years and never had an issue, but this situation really soured me to this company and I will probably have to look elsewhere for these types of products.


1 year ago

This is the best acne treatment on the planet. I had very bad acne ,after using their product my acne cleared within 2 months


2 years ago

Three years ago, my skin broke with, in my eyes, severe adult acne. I was devastated to say the least. My self-esteem and self confidence entirely depleted as everyday I looked in the mirror and saw an ugly face. My skin was sore, it was full of pimples and it embarrassed me.


2 years ago

I had really bad acne and it cleared it up a lot loved this product and has been so effective on my black heads


3 years ago

Satisfactory result


4 years ago

Great products, their cleanser and moisturizer worked on my face. I definitely recommend this store.


9 years ago

They have a great online community, I ordered their products from their website.

Their products didn't work well enough for me personally, but they shipped fast, came well packaged, and the customer service was top notch 🙂


11 years ago

Great informative website

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