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8 years ago

To everyone who has not been in the ACN Opportunity:

If anyone has family in the United States that is currently an IBO of ACN ask them what is happening. This company is one case where here-say alone cannot always equate to a universal outcome for all.

In statement of fact and up front, "success is directly determined by one's OWN individual effort." This statement is plastered at the beginning of every single presentation and repeated often by every IBO of reputable character.

They post online all the telephone numbers you need to fully engage with the local headquarters in your country on your IBO websites, including Compliance Departments if you have any legal questions not already addressed in the training section.

You cannot rate what you do not know, more accurately you can only understand fully what you personally experience.

If you think this is a scam, it is not for you. It is, what you and only you, perceive it to be. If it is not in any way for you, kindly move on and let others choose for themselves – believe me, they will respect you more for respecting their decision from the onset.

For the record, I nearly blew a cross-cultural friendship today. Thankfully, my mentor calmly talked to me to be more open and remember that everyone else does not think like I do.

This opportunity is helping to break personal barriers on so many levels.

Here is the most simple thing about it. The Founders of ACN are engaging people to a better quality of life in 23 Countries on 4 Continents. We have people from every single individual walk of human life.

Diversity, Culture and positive flowing social interaction. That is the beauty of life!
Charish the differences!

Never Ignite, Always Engage!


9 years ago

One of their affiliated seller tried to hire me, I would be extra careful when dealing with these people. I don't know what they really are but they are using a typical speech I've heard before, you know, sects or scams, that kind of things.

On a side note, did you know that, as of today, the three users on this page who flagged "good site" on ACN never made any other comments or ratings on any scorecards ?
I find this suspicious.


10 years ago

This is a great company and I love what they have to offer!


10 years ago

Es ist ein sehr seri枚ses Unternehmen. Mann sollte sich vorher informieren bevor man unqualifizierte Meinungen abgibt. So lange und erfolgreich wie das Unternehmen am Markt spricht f眉r sich.


10 years ago

This is a geniuine and respectable company. Anyone who do not know about ACN should visit

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