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3 weeks ago

I have been with ACN for almost 2 years. My experience has been nothing but phenomenal. The amount of growth that you obtain is incredible. But of course you have to put in the work , read the books 馃摎 and take as much knowledge from your mentors and teachers. What I love the most is the supportive environment where everyone is rooting for your success.. where it doesn鈥檛 matter your background .. I look forward to this amazing journey .. 馃檹馃徑馃檹馃徑馃檹馃徑馃檹馃徑


6 years ago

ACN is a legal, and legitimate business. They started in 1993 (20 years). They are regulated by the FTC, FCC, DSA, and DCEF. They have an A+ with the BBB, they have former Attorney Generals on their legal committee, people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet talk about the field of business that ACN is involved in, and even Donald Trump personally endorses this company.

What do these people have in common? They're all successful credible billionaires. ACN doesn't pay them for endorsement either so that should be pretty obvious that ACN has good intentions. And the credibility just goes on and on.

Pyramid scams are illegal and people or a government usually catch on pretty quick. ACN is in over 20 countries. Do you think Europe and Asia would let an American company come and scam and rip-off their citizens? Not without the whole world knowing. When was the last time you saw anything about ACN on the news? If they scammed people out of their money internationally, I'm pretty sure it'd be a big deal right?

ACN is a company that sells their own services, and other companies' Telecom, Energy, and Banking services such as Verizon, DirecTV, ADT, Xoom Energy, Anovia, etc. It's the same thing as buying a Sprint service at a Best Buy, or AT&T at a shopping mall's kiosk. To put it in perspective, ACN is like a mix of Best Buy and Costco, only it's all online. It's e-commerce like Amazon.

Because it's online and because they don't do advertising, the pricing on all of ACN's services are either the same as going to that store directly or even better. And from what I've seen, it's usually a better deal.

Representatives make money from helping us save money on the essential home & business services that people like me and you use every day. I am not an ACN Rep., but I am a customer and I am very satisfied with my experience. My friend saved me $300 on my bundle. AND I got more TV channels, higher Mbps internet, and unlimited calling on my home phone to now 80+ countries (used to be 70)! Lol it's a great feeling knowing you got the best deal cuss I don't see where else you could beat that (unless you worked specifically for each company to get an employee discount which is unrealistic).

People that say it's a scam are (truthfully and sadly) uneducated or misinformed.

ACN makes everyone, rich or poor, start out in the same place, spot, and position. So why do some make it and some don't? See, ACN has a universal system. It gives everyone the same equal opportunity. It all depends on the person. It depends on how "coachable" they are, how motivated they are, they're open-minded willingness to learn, and whether or not they want something better in life and are willing to put in that work ethic to succeed.

It's not ACN's fault. It's the person's fault and I'm sorry that the truth hurts. I personally tried and failed at ACN (so I became a customer) but I am a realistic self-observer, and I realized it was because of me.

The reason why I admit it and others don't is maybe because I was in the military. And in the military, you are trained to have the courage to face the cold-hard facts and to deal with it. I was comfortable where I was at financially (and a little lazy), so I didn't really try. I didn't plug myself into their system. So knowing that, I realized that I shouldn't blame someone else for my mistakes.

Here are some facts (watch the video):

However, my friend is an ACN Independent Business Owner and if you have any questions regarding the services or the opportunity then you can ask him directly if you want at: [email protected]


8 years ago

this is a very secure site. Some people who have other agenda bad mouth this company.


8 years ago

This is a scam. So dangerous. Seriously.


8 years ago

Excellent company with excellent services….Do you research before posting negative comments on a great organization.


9 years ago

I love it how people who know little have such big mouths. I have ordered services from this company (which I did not have to pay $499 to order, that's if you want to be your own business with them). If you are investigating something, look further than the bathroom walls.


9 years ago

good Site , no phishing or scam .

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