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2 weeks ago


1. They're not at the airport
2. You will not get the car you paid for
3. They will rip you off for anything they can

Pay the little bit extra and go with a trusted car hire company.


1 month ago

I booked with Economy Bookings almost a month in advance. I bought full coverage insurance and had the voucher in hand. When we got to the "shed" of an office and by the way there is no one there. You talk to someone on a monitor. After putting our information under a camera so the man in the box could see it, he said that we need to put $1000 on hold to be sure we return the car in the condition and with gas we got it in. Isnt that what insurance is for? We were also told we had to pay for "Sunpass". We told him we did not need toll roads for our visit, he said we had "no choice". Im 61 years old and have been renting cars for near 40 years. I have NEVER seen anything like this mess. Do yourself a favor, NEVER use this "business". They are HORRIBLE. We took the ride back to the airport and called for an UBER. We then rented form a "real" company and has zero issue.


1 month ago

They tried to charge me $100 more than what Economy Bookings (through whom I'd booked the rental) said I'd owe upon arrival (which was $189.77). I had to speak to a man on a screen inside of a kiosk (no one actually works there at the location; everything is remote). He kept insisting that the quote was through a third party and that they did not have to honor that quote. Then he tried to tell me that my insurance (which is the most expensive and comprehensive you can get and pays for rentals because I lease a car) would not cover this rental. But I'd contacted my car insurance (Liberty) in advance, and they said it was covered. Aco wanted me to buy THEIR insurance. I refused. So they wanted to hold a $1000 deposit! I again refused and threatened to call the police because they were committing fraud and to contact the Better Business Bureau. So they reduced the fee to $40 over the quote and held $500 instead–but then they wanted to charge me $18 for a Sunpass. I knew I did not need one. All I planned to do was drive from my Airbnb to the back 5 miles per day–so I called them out on this scam as well. The man on the screen kept insisting, so I asked for the shuttle to take me back to the airport where I'd rent from a different company and write a negative review of them online. So he agreed to let me go without the Sunpass. They also tried to get me to sign a contract without first seeing it! I refused. The contract isn't even real, it turns out. It's a receipt. My car was several years old. I had to purchase a device to hold up my phone so I could program the GPS on it. There were nicks and scratches all over the car, and the seats inside were stained and torn. It was pouring raining on my drive to my Airbnb, and the windshield wipers were useless. I could not see. I had to get off the highway and drive slowly on back roads. On my final day with the car, the hatch kept acting like it was going to blow off on the highway. The car and the steering wheel shook when I drove over 45 mph. When returning the car, I ran into another very unhappy customer. Turns out they were charged $100 more than the quote listed on another third-party web site. I'm glad I didn't let them get away with it. Guess what though, halfway into the transaction, I began to record the conversation on video with my iPhone. I have it as backup should they try anything.


8 months ago

How is this company still in business? Their license should be revoked! After multiple calls, the shuttle finally picked us up from the airportan hour late. When we finally got to their lot, they wanted to charge me over $100 more than my quote. I showed them my email that clearly stated the amount to be paid on delivery but they wouldn't budge on the price. Their website said "no hidden costs" "no fine print" but that is a fraudulent claim.
We had them return us to the airport because I REFUSED to give this rip-off company my business.
Avoid Aco at all cost!


11 months ago

I had the worst experience with this car rental place in Miami. A woman who had ZERO manners and kept on addressing me as "lady" with attitude kept on insisting that I buy a Sunpass even though it wasn't stated anywhere in my terms and conditions. STAY AWAY. This company is horrible, adds in extra charges when you get there, and has horrible rude employees.


1 year ago

No directions to "offsite" location outside Miami airport. Some random employee at the airport said you have to call the number provided for service. Numerous calls to 888-2227790 were unsuccessful. Recording was "please try again later." After over an hour, gave up and booked at another rental agency. Possibly fraudulent entity with Cheapoair. Do not book.


1 year ago

They are a rip off. They quote you low price then when you get there they charge a bunch of extras. Have to have certain insurance to get a discount. Then you charged for transport to the airport even though they say it's free. Plus you are given a crappy car. Ours was loud and we drive a better vehicle at home!! Also they take forever to check you in and out. Much better off renting from a place right at the airport. The few extra dollars is worth it.


1 year ago

Rented a car online from this company, get to there to Fort Lauderdale location and they suddenly have all these hidden fees. Turns an 18/day rental to a 53/day rental. To top it off they weren't at there location till 8:30 2.5hours after they open. Multiple families were left without vehicles due to there false advertising and horrible customer service. I believe they said well if you don't like it you can leave oh and when asked why they weren't there to open the business at 6am. She said to bad you can leave we don't care. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE ITS A SCAM! I wish I would of read the reviews before hand. Thankfully I was able to get a car from a reputable rental company in the airport.


1 year ago

When we arrived, We call to get picked up at the airport, was told 15minutes I waited over 40minutes not to mentioned we called before acquiring our luggage just to still wait 40 minutes outside for shuttle.

When we arrived it took another 30 minutes just to find my reservation. After, I was told they had no mini van. They tried to take a $1000 deposit to even rent a car and after I said there was no deposit when ordering online and requested to be taken back to airport to rent elsewhere, they dropped the deposit to $100. Which I agreed to as its been hours and I had a cranky 10 month old past her bed time. So they insisted in putting me in Nissan Rogue which I said wouldn't be big enough since we had luggage, stroller and a wheelchair thus why we requested a mini van in advance.

After, filling up the Nissan Rogue, the car was full from trunk to back, however I also ordered car seat for my 10 month old daughter which couldn't fit in back so the person at the desk insisted on us leaving with my daughter on my wife's lap in the front seat. I have video of this.

After, this point I had enough and I requested to speak to supervisor, to which I was told that he's not available right now.

After refusing to leave with my daughter on the lap, the guy says okay you just take this mini van. After 2 hours of telling me they do not have mini van. He lets us switch into a mini van.

Once in a mini van I request the baby once again. He finally brings it out. I asked him to please install it, since I am in a wheelchair and cannot do it and my wife wasn't familiar with the particular car seat. Of course he had no idea how to do it so once he insisted on my wife to hold the seat in place.

After about 2 hours, we finally decided to leave because we weren't getting anywhere with this person. The car had an empty tank so after all this I still had to get gas, once at gas station we asked a nice gentlemen to help us out and install it for us.

On the way to the hotel which was 15 minutes away my daughter starts screaming in the car for some reason. Once we got to hotel, we noticed rashes all over her neck, arms and legs. We figured it was stress hives. Fast forward next day, it goes away, we go out in the car seat again and same scenario. Once wet got back we realized it must be the car seat so we decided to wash it. Once washed my daughter was fine. Not washing baby car seats is UNACCEPTABLE!!

During the day, I can finally see the kinda shape this car is. News flash this car was not clean or serviced after the previous renter. There was food all over. Sticky black liquid in cup holders, the lights barely worked unless on the high beam setting. Defrosters did not work, the windshield wipers need to be replaced. I Literally couldn't see in the morning during the rain and had to wait the rain out as defrosters didn't work and I couldn't drive with windows down.

The day after we landed in Orlando. I called the office looking to speak with supervisor. 1st time I spoke with a woman and after 15 minutes of explaining everything she says supervisor will contact me. Next day no-one contacted me, so I decided to call back, a gentleman picked up and once again after explain everything, I was told supervisor would contact me. The next day same scenario. Fast forward 3 days, I am back in jersey still waiting on this call.


3 years ago

Like many other people I have very little good to say about this company. When we got to the area where we were to meet the shuttle to take us to the car in Orlando we were supposed to call there office, we called and called but nobody picked up, we even had another shuttle company call and they got no answer, after about an hour someone finally answered and sent the shuttle. When we picked the car up we had to pay for a sun pass incase we went through any tolls but were told that we would be credited the amount if we did not use the tolls. We did not use any tolls so when we got home we waited over a month and when the credit did not show up I was finally able to get in touch with the company and was told there would not be a credit, I think that is a pretty good scam. Be sure to read the reviews.


4 years ago

Ok so once we got our flight it said rental car Economy 133.00. So I booked it because I thought that was a good price. I never heard of Economy but I thought it can't be that bad oh but wait. Got to Miami airport rental car area and didn't see economy and someone said out side to the left. It was a shuttle. The shuttle said Economy on it. So then the driver drop us off out side the gate and said go in side. We get in side and the sign said ACO.

I told the guy we had reservations. He said no I don't see it. I said is this Economy? No ACO. So why did the shuttle drop us off here? He said let me see you're reservations I will give you a better price. I said what about the one we booked? He said we work with Economy you can just cancel that because I have a better price for you. Ok what's the price? 113.00. Wow that is great. He said may I see your ID and credit card. I said how much are you charging? 333.45. I said WHAT?

He Said we change 23 day a day for instance unless you want to use your own if so we hold. $600.00 deposit. If you use your insurance we need the card we can't look at anything on line. He said if you use our insurance it's a 100 deposit. And they won't give you the car without making you pay for their insurance.

I said no we will go to Emcomy where is it? He said across the street. I get out side with our luggage. And it's hot as hell in Miami. No Economy. I go back inside he smiled and said oh I thought it was the building across but they moved.

I was soooo mad I just told him to rent us the car. I had never been thourgh this before. and we was so far from the air port we couldn't go back. So the insurance costs more then the car.

This is the most I have paid for a rental car. And this was the worst experience in my life. I never write reviews but I had to tell my experience. Run far far away


4 years ago

I will never use this service again….ever..i will definantly use any other service but this one!!!!!!!!!


4 years ago

It came down to the Insurance thing. No where on their website do they list the insurance companies that the "accept" which is only the popular ones. They would not accept my insurance from Country Financial which is a great company. Don't use this company as it will cost you.


4 years ago

Rente un carro en marzo 21 me cobraron los 200 mas 600 de deposito 800 de un golpe..y tenia tarjeta de credito me dijieron q por casetas eran 25. Aun me quieren cobrar de mi tarjeta he tenido q bloquear cobros de ellos ….son desonestos y mentirosos


4 years ago

It's too bad I can't leave a rating of less than 1 star. This is a horrible company!!! And a total ripoff!!! Waited over an hour for the shuttle. Arrived at the tiny office, couldn't get inside and it was raining; the crowd was employees, not renters. When I finally got inside to rent the car, I was informed that I would be required to purchase liability insurance, even though I presented proof of having my own insurance, as well as having coverage through my credit card. After a long argument, I had them take me back to the airport where I rented another car.


5 years ago

BAIT AND SWITCH – the absolute worst car rental dealership I have ever dealt with. You must have your ORIGINAL INSURANCE card to rent – no fax copies – What a crock of bull. Oh you don't have it then we'll let you use ours for a mere $23.00 a DAY more = I would never use this company again EVER!


6 years ago

Put simply, if you rent with ACO they will charge you at least $10/day more than you think and, for what it is worth, you will likely have a long wait for the airport shuttle. There is a reason why this company has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (see

I reserved with ACO (Orlando location) through Kayak and was quoted $34 (rounding off), which was easily the best price out there. In fact, I was charged $57. Of this additional amount (actually $23.04), $20 of it was a $10/day fee for declining loss damage waiver (LDW)(generally, unless you have your own source of insurance, rental companies charge some fee and thereby agree not to charge you if your rental car is damaged) and I can鈥檛 exactly figure out which assorted fees account for the rest. I have NEVER heard of being charged for declining LDW and consider this a 鈥渉idden fee鈥?and an unfair business practice. Essentially, even though I was quoted $33.98 I was either going to have to pay them $23/day more for LDW (which itself is an egregious price) or $10/day for declining it. The people at the counter said this was an additional service, but (a) it鈥檚 not a service; and (b) it鈥檚 not additional if everyone has to pay something more. The people at the counter provided a copy of their rental policy which says, "If you use your own insurance or a third party insurance you will be charged a recovery damage fee per day鈥?but this does not specify the amount (the rental policy on the ACO website does mention $10/day), is in no way linked from the Kayak site from what I can tell, and in any event requires way more reading than is fair to expect when booking a car. It is fair to expect that the price shown will be the price you pay unless you take some additional option. There was no possible scenario in which I would not have to pay at least an additional $10 per day over and above what I was quoted.

I had a previous on-airport reservation from Orbitz for $47.96 which I canceled in favor of this Kayak reservation. I ended up paying more and going off-airport. By the time I got to the rental counter and was told about the fee, there was nothing I could do because a last-minute car rental with anyone else would have cost more.

I should mention that if you were to rent through ACO鈥檚 website the story would not be much better. They quote you a price and you can click on LDW and the price goes up $23. Only if you click on a link to their lengthy rental policy would you see that you will be charged $10/day if you don鈥檛 pay them the $23 per day.

When I was at the counter, another family had the exact same problem I had and also said they were seasoned travelers and had never heard of anything like this before. Another person at the counter also had some problem with hidden insurance related fees, though I didn鈥檛 understand exactly what they were saying.

As a side note, ACO is a bit more than 4 miles from the airport and from what I could tell only runs one shuttle. I waited for a shuttle for about 10 minutes when I got there (which isn鈥檛 horrible) and about 20 minutes when I returned the car. Someone else said they waited a half hour at the airport for a pickup. So, even were you to end up saving some money with ACO, you would still be getting what you pay for.


11 years ago

I love traveling, therefore I do appreciate comfort and good customer service.
My most recent travel experience was to Miami. As you might know, if you're going to Miami you need a car if you want to commute, it's all long distances and far places. So, of course that part of my travel routine to Miami should include a car rental. Well, I've discovered ACO RENT A CAR is a very well established car rental company that just arrived to Miami. I must admit that this is the best Miami car rental experience I've ever had, brand new car's fleet, great customer service and the best car rental rates in all Miami Airport area. You will not regret it!

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