Acobot Reviews - Acobot Scam or Legit


1 year ago

I have only been on the online world in the last 2 years and have recently come across device called Acobot (A.I. Chatbot).

If you're not able to liaise with your customer online 24/7, then this a good alternative. Having a chatbot will at least be able to acknowledge your potential clients. Acobot is ready to go and be able to activate it immediately onto your website (which mine is already done). Although I haven't yet been able to go through its full features to date, it keeps me informed of potential.

Acobot (A.I. chatbot) is currently in use on one of my websites for one (1) month. So far, so good and I haven't looked back since. If you're asking why do I have Acobot (A.I. chatbot) on my website? Some people don't feel comfortable leaving their comments. Talking to a chatbot will have their comments posted to me direct so not everyone can view.

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