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1 week ago

I ordered a top from and chose my usual medium size. I paid $11.99 to have it shipped. The top was more like an extra-large. I decided to return it and Customer Service refused to compromise on free shipping back, even with an oversized item. It cost me a total of $20.00 in shipping just to try on an item that was incorrectly labeled as a medium size.


1 month ago

My opinion is that is a scam on old people. For example, they sell DVDs which most people don't use anymore. They sell stupid sayings on t-shirts and sweatshirts made of poor quality. They sold a sweatshirt to an older family member where you personalize it with a "verb" like teach or read. They sold her a defective product and then put in a proper noun which made the saying nonsensical. They should have assisted the order. They did not. They would not. They will not refund. Two hours on hold. They just hang up. This is a scam. It's a money trap. No customer service; just lip service. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM They are based in Ohio. HORRIBLE. Save yourself and your elderly. THROW THEIR SALE BOOKLETS IN THE TRASH. THEY ROB OLD PEOPLE. IT IS A GAME TO THEM. They send sale booklets to old people in the mail and try to sucker old people who don't use computers. RUN FAR AWAY.


1 month ago

My shipment was lost, but I was charged. Acorn does not respond to my messages and my money is gone.


2 months ago

Do not use this company. Product are packed in the cheapest way possible, boxes arrive ripped up and crushed.
Their customer service department is awful, you stay on hold forever, when you finally get a person on the other end you are treated like an idiot, they are rude and not above putting you on hold, never to return or they simply hang up on you.
Please do not use this company.


2 months ago

After being informed that the most important product I ordered wouldn't be available until after Christmas, I have tried repeatedly to cancel my order. They simply ignore upset customers. Will have to challenge the credit card charges and file complaints with governmental agencies.


2 months ago

Acorn/Signals are terrible. I've been unable to get a response either on-line or phone. Can't track my orders, they don't even show up after putting in the order number.
Also a mysterious charge (which I didn't make) has shown up on my credit card.
I feel at a loss. I can deny the charges, but have to cancel my card and be issued a new one. That won't work at Christmas time.


2 months ago

Spent over an hour today trying to do 2 things: determine if 2 previously-ordered items had been shipped, and order a third. Experience could not have been worse. Was given FOUR DIFFERENT NUMBERS TO CALL and TWO DIFFERENT E-MAIL ADDRESSES, talked to THREE different people and each time the person was unimaginably incompetent: couldn't find my items on her computer which was unimaginably slow – even pre-holiday, dog barking loudly in the background, didn't listen to the information I had just provided and asked the same questions again and again, and once when trying to order a new item, I got to the very end of providing information (the state and zip code), I GOT CUT OFF, THEN when I tried to order online, the system CHANGED THE SIZE OF THE ITEM. I really like their products, but will not order from them again if I do not get a convincing response from messages I sent today from the 2 different Customer Service e-mail addresses I was given. They promise 24-48 hours response. Hmmm – why am I just a tad skeptical?


3 months ago

After repeating addresses and numbers three or four times, they still got the billing and shipping addresses wrong. I'm on forever hold now trying to straighten out the mess. Part of the problem is that whoever they use at their call centers have a poor grasp of English. Customer service sucks.


5 months ago

I ordered an adorable bunny basket from Acorn intended as a gift for a friend. It arrived in many, many pieces. After complaining I received a second order, which also arrived in pieces. Today I received the third attempt, and it was also broken. Not only do I not have the gift I wanted, I have spent endless time on the phone waiting for the customer service representative to complain, followed by my need to package the breaks all up again and stand in line at the USPS office during the pandemic. I'm really fed up with Acorn's shipping department.


6 months ago

Just ordered $59 USD worth of T-shirt and 2 ball caps. The shipping charge to Canada (which they don't show you until the end) was $32 US, making the total cost of $95, or about $130 CDN ($42+ CDN per item). THEN, on top of everything, this US company 'estimates' a sales tax of $3 on top of everything. They're a US company… they shouldn't be charging tax at all. TOTAL rip-off! The same goes for their sister company Signals.


1 year ago

Beware of the "Thriller" (British 1973) album, which I recently purchased from Acorn. The last two episodes on Disc One would not play in my DVD player. I hope this is the only problem, as Disc Two was OK and start disc all right. I thought it suspicious that this 43 episode album was only $29.95, far cheaper than Acorn's usual prices. I wager my copy is not the only one of the lot defective.


1 year ago

I ordered on Nov 14/19 a big order. I received an email on Nov 18 that it was shipped with a FedEx tracking number. I did not receive it and when I used the tracking number it stated it was delivered to somewhere else, not even close to my address. I phoned and talked to Acorn customer service which gave me the run around and its not their fault its FedEx and I'm suppose to called FedEx to correct it. It was not until I told them I wanted to talk to their supervisor that the story changed to we will ship out your order again and I will receive an email. I called FedEx and they stated there was never a package that came through their system to me from Acorn so I'm thinking Acorn didn't even send out my package. Took my $ but no package. I had to call Acorn customer Service again to ask for the Fedex tracking number and order number a day after and still waiting. Very Frustrating and to say its not their fault that's unreal. Very disappointing, don't recommend purchasing from this company, very poor customer service.


2 years ago

Ordering is a breeze, but if you're looking for tracking info or have any ?? about your orders: good luck–it's hard work.

Ordered over a wk ago, still no notice of shipping or tracking….

If you want to phone, forget about it—on hold for 40 min twice ! Plus, you have to write down all of your order numbers, because there is no link to your e-mail or your phone number with their set-up…


9 years ago also known as AcornTV is a website where you can watch the great British shows like: Above Suspicion, Prime Suspect (that the American version is based on), Midsomer Murders, Cadfael, Agatha Christie's Poirot, etc.

I love the police & medical dramas and all sorts of mysteries such as: CSI, Bones, Law & Order, Castle, etc. and now I can watch the great British shows on AcornTV. (I am located in the USA).

There is just one catch — you can only watch a limited number of shows that they make available at any one time. There is one episode of 10 different shows available to watch any any one time. Then once a week the oldest available video drops off and a new one is added.

You, of course, can buy an entire series on DVD, otherwise you just have to be very patient and wait for a new show to be made available each week.

Another plus is that there are no "click throughs" that can lead you into computer virus/malware territory and there is nothing to download in order to watch a show.

The only "con" is I wish that there were more episodes where available to watch.

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