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1 year ago

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. There is absolutely no support from this company after things go wrong.
They did some work for me in July 2017 and despite telling them at the time that there was damage they never came back to me after they had received their money. The problems got worse and I contacted them again in June 2018 hoping to get the issues resolved. Since then I鈥檝e been consistently lied to, fobbed off, ignored and had promises broken by the director Graeme Davies. He鈥檒l promise the earth for delivery in 鈥榓 few weeks鈥?and then continue to ignore you.
They claim to guarantee the work but, in my experience, it is not worth the paper it is written on!
If you use this company you can expect sub-standard work (decking boards that are damaged on installation, leaking guttering, poorly fitted doors that within a few weeks drop to the point that they cannot be closed) and zero follow-up support. When you ask them for help because your house is not secure, they ignore you for days on end. In the end I had to get someone else in to make the place safe!
I have pictures if anyone would like to see the extent of the poor work. I now have French doors that were made and fitted by this company that you can feel the wind blowing through them and see daylight through the seals!
As well as this (and despite numerous requests) they have not provided me with any documentation (FENSA certs etc.) to prove that the work was done to the required standard.
I have waited in for them on numerous occasions only to be let down and told at the last minute that the work wasn鈥檛 going to be done today. Graeme (the director) doesn鈥檛 even have the decency to talk to me directly and continues to not answer my calls.
Poor product, poor after sales support and ZERO respect for their customers.


2 years ago

If I could give no stars I would! The aftercare is shocking! They make promises they don't keep. They don't turn up when appointments have been made for things to be fixed, then insist they haven't heard from you and they pretty much call you a liar. The part owners are the worst!! They speak to you like something they've walked in, which makes you feel apprehensive when you do need to call. They're awful and if i didnt ever have to have anything to do with them again it would be a blessing.


9 years ago

The initial fitting was fine but 2 faults appeared shortly afterwards. It took 3 calls before they came out to look at the faults but 6 months later we have had no further visits so the faults still exists. another phone call and a promise that someone will contact me in teh next week. Maybe.

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