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9 months ago

Basically they are con men.
Dont waste your time calling them as you wont be able to talk to anyone. You can not cancel your vouchers.Their website tells me" Your voucher is expiring on ***, extend here for free!". Due to Covid-19. Then when I try to extend it for FREE!, it tells me "You can extend your voucher **** until 09/12/2020 for a price of 拢20.00"
Are we living in Britain?!
They are con men, I tell you.


1 year ago

I have been trying to get someone on the lphone waited 20 minutes gave up then tryed again 26 minute's still no luck gave up .


1 year ago

I had received a voucher for lunch for 2 at the Shard .
After waiting for 9 minutes for someone to answer my call to make a booking,I was told that my preferred date of 8th July was not available : a date in August was possible .
I explained that I lived in Devon and rarely came to London .
My voucher said that I should book early ,and as today was the 7th May I felt two months notice was sufficient .
The person taking my call,Blythe ,said that 12 weeks notice was required and insisted that this is specified by Virgin.She simply did not accept that the voucher I had said 鈥榖ook early鈥?,no mention of 12 weeks .
She stated that nothing could be done but I asked that she refer this to Management .
After some 5 minutes being kept on hold ,she said that her manager could not change anything ,although possibly another Virgin Experience could be taken in exchange
I replied that I had no intention of taking another experience as I was far from happy with my current one .
I asked to speak to her manager myself .
She now turned out now to be unavailable but Blythe took my details and said that Cat ,her manager ,would be phoning me back that afternoon .
Needless to say she never did call .
How do I explain to the people who gave me the voucher that I cannot use it ?

Since writing the above ,and 24 hours later than promised ,I had a very satisfactory call from Cat and the issue has been resolved to my satisfaction


2 years ago

Ordered the 1 x Four Course Sunday Brunch with Champagne for Two at London's Iconic Gherkin on 28th December 2018 and paid 1st postage. The order was a gift and was made via the Virgin Experience website. My credit card was charged to Acorne.Co.UK . Both companies are thoroughly rotten and my advise is to never use them. I certainly will not. 1 Star over compliments these incompetent companies.


2 years ago

My partner can no longer go on the experience that I bought for her as a birthday gift so I tried to contact Acorne , eventually I did get through to a most unhelpful , unfriendly and downright rude customer service person who told me I could extend the time limit for an additional charge, but I wanted to exchange it for another type of experience and was told that this was not possible.
What a terrible way to carry out a business when exchanges are possible with other experience providers.
I will write and email Acorne to see if I can get an exchange or a refund as the experience voucher expires in Feb 2019.
Let's see what happens…..or not.


3 years ago

We received Acorne (trading as Virgin Experiences and Mail Experiences) vouchers as a gift.
We were unable to take that particular experience so we decided to exchange them for some other experience.
What a nightmare!
What should have been one phone call ended up being several. Queue time to speak with them is extremely long. I was given incorrect information (dare I say lied to) and the simple exchange request was dealt with very ineptly.
Very, very poor company to deal with.
Please do not inflict Virgin Experience or Mail Experience vouchers from Acorne on your loved ones.


3 years ago

Awful experience. They will not refund a voucher for an oversold experience for which we cannot get a date within the specified purchase time and they are trying to get us to extend it even though we are no longer around to use it after the end date.


3 years ago

Acorne offers 2 types of voucher: experience (which you cannot exchange for anything else) and face value. Even if you have a face value voucher and it is 2 weeks from expiring, they will charge for extending the voucher to then allow you to exchange it. Awful experience!!!

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