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4 months ago

I have been a customer for years and have never had an account issue. Earlier this week, I initiated a withdrawal. Today when I logged in to check on it, I found that my account was locked and suspended. I then provided all of the documents that they requested and found out that they suspended it due to a canceled transaction. I had canceled a transaction within their own app, which is allowed, because I entered the wrong amount. This is absolutely allowed by their own rules!

This is clearly a mistake on their part and they still have not fixed it. They are holding 5 figures in cash that belongs to me, hostage. I have sent them everything that they have asked for and more. Absolutely disgusting that this company is allowed to keep my money, which rightfully belongs to me, for any length of time. I filed a complaint with FINRA and my next call is to an attorney and to the police to file a police report. I have requested for a supervisor to call me back at least 4 times and no one has called me.

Update: I emailed their entire c-suite and the CEO email me back. It was resolved within 10 minutes. Consumers should not have to turn to the CEO of a company to get results. This was a massive failure with their entire customer service team.


5 months ago

ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE use at own risk.They stole close to 300 dollars out of my spend account and won't tell me why. ALSO keep saying they are investigating will email me soon.A month later several chats and phone calls and no one has helped.


5 months ago

They charged me extra for a "spend" card that I already closed and they won't allow me to re-open for no reason they stated they "just can't do it" their customer service reps go around in circles and try to make you feel stupid, forget about getting them on the phone. Email is the only way, oh and did I mention it took 5 days for them to respond? Horrible service


6 months ago

Horrible horrible experience! I received a promotion in the month of July 2020 (as soon as I joined) that if I can refer their app to 5 friends of mine and make them invested in their accounts, Acorns will give me a $500 bonus! They said this is in addition to a $5 bonus that I and my friends will each receive! So, I did exactly what they instructed their customers to do in their Referral Agreement and T&C. Five of my closest friends & families opened their accounts with MY REFERRAL and invested their own money within a week into July! And, I'm waiting for my bonuses to show up! Sounds pretty amazing, right?!? Total BS! Let me put this out loud and clear: They "knowingly" have this SW bug in their SW tracking system that will NOT (possibly on purpose and/or selectively) track your referrals, especially when you are very close to be eligible for your promotion! They will give you all these non-sense excuses such as SW tracking failure (!) to justify why you are not eligible for promotion anymore! Don't buy it! It's their SW bug and they know they have it; in fact, one of their managers surprisingly threw out this point in the conversation with me on the phone!!! And, they do that only after all of your referrals already invested their real money in their accounts and paid their monthly fees! They deserve to be sued … Just go invest somewhere else. There are tons of other apps out there. Hope this saves you a trouble in future. I had to deal with this for past ~4-5 weeks, talked to their customer service many many times and even one of their managers … none worked! Terrible customer support experience …


7 months ago

I'm very happy with Acorns, it got me interested in investing and taking my finances seriously. I'm not sure where I'd be had I not started using them.


8 months ago

I can't recall the password to get in the website. I can't get the link to reset the password and the customer service email is a joke because they don't reply, and neither there is a phone number to call.

Meanwhile I keep getting all the marketing emails advertising for their products, and yet I can't get inside this damned website. TERRIBLE and NON EXISTENT customer service!


9 months ago

This App and site is a great way to save on the DL. Many banks are attempting to do this and there are other apps out there but i love Acorns. When you spend money on your cards it will automatically round up to the near dollar or how ever you woudl like to set it up and save it for you. The account is what i believe to be an open market account so they do invest the money into different types of portfolios that you can pick from very conservative to very aggressive.
Use it as a rainy day fund and watch it grow!


1 year ago

This site is legit, nothing unsafe here. But like every bank, you can be hacked.


4 years ago

I've been using this site/app for a while now. I can confirm it's not a scam. The only risk is that your money is on the market and is subject to the performance of the economy. They aren't making ridiculous claims about returns like other companies.

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